Keywords Finalization Methodology

Written by Vikas Malhotra

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If one has certain set of keywords then tools like WT & Overture can also be used to arrive atrepparttar other relevant seed keywords.

Typically seed keywords are single word. A good number of seed Keywords is between 10-12.

SUB theme Keywords (add Qualifiers)

Now to these seed keywords add qualifiers.

These qualifiers can be anything location/sub-product/color/part no/activity/singular etc.

By utilizing these qualifiers one can expandrepparttar 127762 list ofrepparttar 127763 seed keywords. Say a good number would be anywhere between 20-30.

Typicaly a sub theme key phrase could be of 2-3 -4 word length.

One recent study suggests that

The typical searcher often uses longer queries. Many contain more than three words. Within three different search engines, keyword distribution data tells a compelling story: Words in Query LookSmart (%) (%) Teoma (%) 1 27.00 12.76 38.04 2 33.00 22.46 29.59 3 23.00 19.34 18.13 4 10.00 11.89 8.00 5 7.00* 7.86 3.51 6 - 6.19 1.39 7 - 5.47 0.63

LookSmart does not report beyond 5 search terms, instead grouping five or more terms into one category.

Approximately 40 percent of queries in LookSmart have three or more words. About 32 percent in Teoma have three or more. Ask Jeeves has an even higher skew, nearly 62 percent, because of its natural language focus. Within FAST,repparttar 127764 database that powers Lycos and others,repparttar 127765 average is 2.5 terms. That suggests a similar frequency distribution to LookSmart and Teoma.

Hence we can keeprepparttar 127766 average length of sub theme keywords at around 3.

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Keywords usage in the Meta Tags

Written by Vikas Malhotra

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Keywords should be listed in order of importance. Size preferences for meta keyword tags are not same for all Search engines. For example, MSN, will accept a meta keyword tag up to 1024 characters long, while HotBot indicates 75 characters . However, some top-ranking pages of Hotbot's in various categories used meta keyword tags much larger than 75 characters. So, 1024 characters can be used as guideline.

KEYWORDS and KEYPHARASES usage in Header Tags

KEYWORDS and KEYPHARASES usage in header tags is very powerful in SEO(search engine optimization) . As headlines makes a page easier to read and helps in rapidly finding required information, it saves time. Headlines should be short and descriptive. Headline tag text should never have more than one full line of text. It is preferred to use header tags text H2 or H3 tags to gain additional points with search engines.

Header tags text (headline) providesrepparttar right kind of keyword and key phrase information torepparttar 127761 search engines which helps in better indexing ofrepparttar 127762 website in their database. Header tags text also helps to rapidly inform whatrepparttar 127763 page is all about. So, we should integrate KEYWORDS and KEYPHARASES into header tags text (headlines). Heading should start withrepparttar 127764 keywords that are being targeted.. We should userepparttar 127765 standard headline tags (





).Also better control overrepparttar 127766 layout of web pages can be achieved by using cascading style sheets in combination withrepparttar 127767 headline tags.

For example :

KEYWORDS and KEYPHARASES usage in Header Tags



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