Keywords (a waste)! Branding comes first!

Written by Meredith Gossland

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Just as Las Vegas Casinos arerepparttar winners and gamblers arerepparttar 140625 losers. Search engines arerepparttar 140626 winners pay per click clients arerepparttar 140627 losers.

The popularity of Saddleback Church isrepparttar 140628 result of marketing technique that is totally and completly dependant on building relationships from small groups. The church has 2,600 links on Google, 17,100 on Yahoo (Alta Vista) but these links were not purchased or created on link sites. They come from real people who have heard aboutrepparttar 140629 church and are interested inrepparttar 140630 product. Coke has 10,200 links on Google and 18,000 on MSN do you think they purchased those links. Look for Coke underrepparttar 140631 key word soda or carbonated drinks they aren't even inrepparttar 140632 top 50.

These are companies that have worked to create their business first andrepparttar 140633 website followed.

Go to and check outrepparttar 140634 keywords used by Coke and Saddleback Church. I don't think you will be surprised. They have built a name in their respective communities and can be found onrepparttar 140635 internet by that name. No 499 keywords, no pay per click, no cons or traps.... just good business branding and great reputations.

Owner lasting Impressions 2 small business, relationship, multicultural and referral marketing specialists.

Tens Ways To Better Search Engine Rankings

Written by Dan Brown

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5. Askrepparttar owner ofrepparttar 140474 web site if they would want to trade advertising. If you don't get as much traffic as they do, you could throw in some extra incentives.

6. Propose a cross promotion deal withrepparttar 140475 web site. You both could promote each others products or services together in one package deal. This means a mention and link back to your web site.

7. Giverepparttar 140476 web site a testimonial for their product or service. Include a little text link for your web site withrepparttar 140477 testimonial. You never know; it could end up on their ad copy.

8. Post your advertisement on their free classified ad section on their web site. You want to be sure you have an attractive headline so they will read your ad.

9. Post your text link on their free-for-all links page. You want to go back and post your link regularly so it stays towardsrepparttar 140478 top.

10. Sign their guest books. You could leave a short compliment about their web site on their guest book. Just include your signature file and link atrepparttar 140479 end of your message.

Author Dan Brown has been active in internet marketing for the past 4 years. Dan currently is working with the Zabang search engine introducing their new affiliate program, which is due out July, 2005. Zabang

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