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Written by Zoran Makrevski

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Best approach to do find right keywords and key phrases is to get your generic keyword, and add a specific word to it. Using this approach you will be able to find yours most important key phrases, and target your traffic much better. Key phrases are usually two to five words long.

Think global

In different countries people use different terminology for same product or service. Be sure that you check your terminology for your main keywords. Different terminology for your keyword might be used in Canada, or in Australia. Follow your site statistic, and if some country is missing, something might be wrong with your terminology.

How many keywords do you need

Number ofrepparttar key phrases for which you will optimize your pages will depend from your budget of course. But be sure to create long list to select from. Initial keyword research should end with at least 70 -100 keywords or key phrases.

Your first thought here might be how you will find so many keywords. Creativity and well knowing your industry will do half ofrepparttar 127859 work. The tools will dorepparttar 127860 other half. Wordtracker has free trial which will tell you how many timesrepparttar 127861 key phrase was searched for last month. Full version (you can pay for one day only if you want to use this tool once) is much more powerful tool of course. Overture has also free tool for keyword research which will give you useful suggestions. These tools will give you suggestions which you might not come to your mind, and tell you how many competitors you have for every keyword.

Next phase should be customizing some of these suggestions and makerepparttar 127862 re-check after that. After establishingrepparttar 127863 main list, startrepparttar 127864 elimination. Have in mind that your chances are bigger if you select bigger number of keywords. It is always best strategy to optimize each page for one primary and one secondary keyword. Optimize your main page for your most important key phrase.

Final selection will depend from your budget. You can always optimize more pages later, so keeprepparttar 127865 initial keyword list. Best option is to start to optimize your pages for less competitive key phrases first. When you achieve high ranking for these key phrases, then go after more competitive key phrases.

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When to Hire a Professional SEO Firm?

Written by Corey A. Wenger

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• Do they haverepparttar time, knowledge, and resources to successfully implement and maintain your search engine optimization program? And do they really care if it works or not?

IT Department

Typically your IT department handles multiple daily tasks from trouble-shooting your company’s LAN or WAN to fixingrepparttar 127858 sales department’s laptops? Out of a busy IT person’s day, what priority and focus do you think he or she will commit to for your SEO program? And even if your IT department has some skills in web design or development, these skills make up only a small percentage ofrepparttar 127859 knowledge required for a successful search engine optimization program.

Marketing Department

Typically, your marketing department juggles many marketing projects at once and faces strict completion deadlines. From handling new print collateral campaigns to getting ready for new product or service launches, marketing personnel’s time is spread very thin. In addition, how knowledgeable is your marketing department inrepparttar 127860 technical aspects of web design and search engine optimization? Do they haverepparttar 127861 time to become well-versed? Do they have sufficient internal resources? Oftenrepparttar 127862 answer to both questions is no, they do not.

Other individual(s) within your company

Ok, sorepparttar 127863 responsibility falls onto someone outside of your Marketing or IT department. Who will that be and why are they responsible for your SEO program? Providing these individuals with a new “project ofrepparttar 127864 month,” will typically result in another check mark off of their monthly to-do list and frustration by top management of why their website is not producing any sales results.


From a business standpoint, it makes sense to try to leverage internal resources to maximize your company’s productivity and profitability – whenever possible. However, there must be a line drawn inrepparttar 127865 sand between knowing what your organization’s capabilities are and what they are not.

As you can see, there is more to search engine optimization than meetsrepparttar 127866 eye. In order to implement and maintain a SEO program, you must acquirerepparttar 127867 necessary knowledge, skills, and resources. This can be done by hiring a professional search engine optimization firm. Professional SEO firms have dedicated resources and experience to support your company’s web marketing initiatives. By leveraging their experience and know-how, your company can quickly and more efficiently implement a successful search engine optimization program.

Corey Wenger is owner of Key Position Web Marketing and is a professional Search Engine Optimizer and Consultant who has over three years of experience in helping companies increase sales and profitability through strategic web marketing programs. On average, clients have seen 200% + increases in web marketing sales and prospects. For more information, please visit or email him at

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