Keyword killer Tips

Written by Shahnaz Rauf

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-Save in Word Pad or your word processor.

-Checkrepparttar keywords inrepparttar 128358 `Meta Tags` atrepparttar 128359 page top.

-Userepparttar 128360 `Ctrl plus F` function of your keyboard / browser and do a find forrepparttar 128361 keyword. In fact it will help if you can print outrepparttar 128362 source document saved in your word processor. Then highlight on your print out with a red pen each time a keyword or a variation / mis-spelling of it appears.

-Noterepparttar 128363 keyword density ( how many times each ofrepparttar 128364 keywords is repeated).

-Noterepparttar 128365 approximate location ofrepparttar 128366 keywords onrepparttar 128367 page.

-Repeatrepparttar 128368 above forrepparttar 128369 top ten sites, compare and zero out onrepparttar 128370 common factors.

-Replicaterepparttar 128371 density, locations and variations on your page.

3.A word of Caution - Double check that your keyword is relevant to your content. Also make your site content rich.

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Search Engine Optimized Site Maps

Written by Dan Thies

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3. No matter what navigation scheme you use, your site map really needs to use plain old text links - search engines have trouble following CGI navigation or image maps. This includes creating a plain text link to your site map from your home page, sorepparttar search engines can find it.

4. If you haverepparttar 128357 ability to set up a customized "404 error page" on your server, to display when visitors find a broken link or missing page, use your site map! This way, anyone who linked to your missing page inrepparttar 128358 past (or just mistypedrepparttar 128359 URL) is sending visitors (and search engines!) to your site map.

Site maps are a vital part of any good website marketing strategy - if yours isn't quite up torepparttar 128360 job, it may only take a few minutes to fix it.

I wish you success!

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