"Key Your Internet Ads!"

Written by A.T. Rendon

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Otherwise, if you request respondents to your ads to "write" ABC, or 123, they might easily forget to do so and then you will not be able to tell whererepparttar response is coming from onrepparttar 101044 Internet.

If you know HTML, you might be able to set responses usingrepparttar 101045 "Quotation Marks" that go before an email address to "Key" your ads. Or you can coderepparttar 101046 URL inrepparttar 101047 ad with a question mark, like: http://emailexchange.org/sig.html?ad5

Reviewing your logs will show you how many people actually accessed your sig.html document fromrepparttar 101048 placement of Ad number 5.

For those of you that do not have access to code a web site orrepparttar 101049 luxury of email forwarding aliases, you can employrepparttar 101050 use of FREE auto-responders to code your various ads.

Most ofrepparttar 101051 FREE auto-responder services now available will encourage you to set up as many as you need. You can set up one for ad1@autoresponder.com, ad2@autoresponder.com, etc.

Access a FREE list of auto-responder services for this use at: mailto:freeautoresp@emailexchange.org

Either way, you just need to keep a log and list your "Keys" in an easy to follow manner, such as 123, abc, a100, etc. along with which sites or publications they correspond to.

We currently use a list of just over 100 FREE Newsletters and Ezines that we have found give us consistent responses to our ads. Access a FREE copy via Auto-Responder at: mailto:newsletters@emailexchange.org

Having been online for over eight years, as of this month - :-), we have seen many Ad sites and publications come and go.

That isrepparttar 101052 current nature ofrepparttar 101053 Internet; one of constant change.

Placing a "Key" in your ads isrepparttar 101054 only way to keep track of all repparttar 101055 movement that comes to take place as a result of your hard efforts to promote your product or service or lack of response.

So make certain to make every ad posted count and "Key Your Ads"!

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The Celebrity Factor--A Star is Born in Your Advertising

Written by Kahlia Hannah

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But if you don't want to pay for a local celebrity, there is an alternative that often works just as well. Become a celebrity yourself!

This is not as difficult as it sounds. If people see your face on television, billboards, and newspaper ads with consistency, even though you are advertising your own product or business, they will begin to consider you a celebrity.

When people see you onrepparttar street or come into your store, they will recognize you immediately. What is that, if not fame?

I recently went to movie and found myself sitting next to a local merchant who stared in his own commercials. I felt as giddy as teenage girl at am N'Sync concert throughrepparttar 101043 entire movie. All he did was pay someone to shoot a commercial with him in it, for crying out loud, but I was still bragging about it to all my friendsrepparttar 101044 next day.

Staring in one's own radio, TV, and newspaper ads has worked for thousands of people just like you. It doesn't matter if you are cross eyed, toothless, or speak with as much energy as an aging hound dog. If Carrot Top can be famous, you can too. Andrepparttar 101045 more famous you are,repparttar 101046 more successful your advertising will be.

Kahlia Hannah provides marketing advice and popular promotion packages. See her low-cost direct marketing and press release deals at http://MarketingHelp.NET Reach Kahlia at mailto:kahlia@drnunley.com or 801-328-9006.

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