Key Secrets to Being a Great Entrepreneur

Written by Laurie Hayes

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How would you like to be viewed as a salesperson? Would you like others to see you as:

Authentic? A good listener? Genuinely concerned forrepparttar best interests ofrepparttar 137384 buyer? Understanding? Professional? A person of high integrity? Trustworthy? Knowledgeable? Honest?

These are not only skills. They are behaviors; behaviors that must be embraced and practiced.

Others may have a better product or service, or lower price than you, but clients and customers will naturally gravitate torepparttar 137385 seller who makes them feel valued, respected and heard.

I'm sure you have been in a situation where you opted for a product or service you didn't originally have in mind because ofrepparttar 137386 wayrepparttar 137387 salesperson made you feel.

I know I have.

Buyers need to knowrepparttar 137388 facts and benefits of a product or service, but they also need to have a sense of relationship withrepparttar 137389 salesperson.

Take a look at yourself fromrepparttar 137390 buyer's perspective. How are you coming across? Doesrepparttar 137391 prospective customer or client walk away from your interaction feeling empowered, valued and understood?

These skills are not only necessary for selling products or services. You sell yourself to others every single day.

How you make people feel determines whether or not they want to do business or have any other type of relationship with you.

Keep these thoughts in mind as you go throughout your day.

Become aware ofrepparttar 137392 impression you create for others and if you are not satisfied withrepparttar 137393 results, modify your behavior, measure again and keep fine-tuning until you see positive results.

Becomerepparttar 137394 kind of salesperson people will recommend to their friends and acquaintances and watch your business grow.

Laurie Hayes is a Life Strategy/Small Business Coach and founder of Where the Heart Is Life Coaching.

Laurie specializes in assisting home-based business owners who face the challenges that come with working from home. She is the author of numerous articles and a bi-weekly newsletter, "The Heart of Living."

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Ideas For A Stay At Home Business

Written by Daegan Smith

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One stay at home business that has lots of opportunity inrepparttar spring and summer is being a wedding planner. You would organize and coordinate a couple's wedding in every way. From hiringrepparttar 137326 photographer to securingrepparttar 137327 caterer, every aspect of a wedding would be done under your supervision. Many wedding planners double as floral designers and offer printing ofrepparttar 137328 invitations.

Stay at home business opportunities come in many shapes and sizes. You must pickrepparttar 137329 one that best suits your talents and abilities. Enjoying your job should be foremost. So look at some of your current hobbies and see if they too could become a stay at home business.

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