Keeping Your Children Safe Online

Written by Sharon Housley

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5.) Do not give out or post identifying information, including address or telephone numbers.

6.) You may want to create a nickname for a screen name in chat rooms.

7.) Keep in mind when posting in chat rooms or newsgroups, that there may be lurkers (people who read but do not post). Your information can be read and seen by all.

8.) Keep an open dialogue with children surfingrepparttar Internet, remember if they come to you with a problem, your first reaction should not be to take awayrepparttar 133523 Internet. Applaud child's confidence in confiding in you and work together to find a solution.

9.) Overall it is not a good idea to post or exchange pictures overrepparttar 133524 Internet

10.) Try to keep in mindrepparttar 133525 Internet is global and is *not* governed by any entity. This means that there are no limitations or checks onrepparttar 133526 information posted and accessible to Internet users.

Additional Resources: The following resources will assist in staying safe online.

Collection of Internet Access and Filtering Software - Contract for Safe Surfing -

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Why WAP isn't - as bad as people say

Written by Mike Street

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One of our customers for our mobile email software reads his mail whilst shaving inrepparttar morning. He can find out what has been happening overnight without having to get his computer out, dial in and log on. Another browses whilst tending to his cows, miles from mains electricity. Yet another admits he reads his mail in board meetings. So far luckily no-one has noticed his mobile sitting onrepparttar 133522 desk in front of him.

And there is for WAP, most likely, no new device to buy, either. Nothing additional to weigh down your pockets or to find room for in your briefcase. And it isn't just good for email. You can also look up train timetables, get news & sports results, find medical information, find a restaurant and see what's onrepparttar 133523 TV tonight.

And you can do all this, withrepparttar 133524 one electronic device that most people have with them all ofrepparttar 133525 time - their mobile phone.

So - no new expensive devices are required, no high monthly charges are incurred and there is no waiting. No wonderrepparttar 133526 Mobile Operators aren't impressed!

Mike Street is Technical Director of Fast Communications Ltd (FastComm) in the UK. FastComm provides, installs, supports a variety of innovative communication products. For free downloads please visit

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