Keeping It In the Family

Written by Elena Fawkner

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By holding meetings like this you also avoid 'spillover' of repparttar business into your personal time of which there is precious little to begin with. Which brings us torepparttar 117486 next point.


The ultimate success of your business depends upon both of you making decisions based on what's best forrepparttar 117487 business. If you are not prepared to do this, then your business is doomed to failure. Really think about what this means before you start out. Do you - BOTH of you - have what it takes to do that? Whenrepparttar 117488 time comes will you forego that vacation to Hawaii to ploughrepparttar 117489 money back intorepparttar 117490 business? Will you? Are you sure? What ifrepparttar 117491 relationship's starting to get a bit shaky? Will you still do it?

It follows from what was said above thatrepparttar 117492 business is something separate fromrepparttar 117493 relationship/home. This is necessary forrepparttar 117494 survival ofrepparttar 117495 business. Equally, it is necessary forrepparttar 117496 survival of your relationship.

What are some ofrepparttar 117497 things you can do to keep business and home separate?

=> Set Business Hours

Set regular business hours and stick to them. Except in an emergency, what doesn't get done in business hours doesn't get done untilrepparttar 117498 next day.

=> Don't Let Business Intrude on Personal Time

Personal time is all that time outside of regular business hours. Jealously protect it from encroachment byrepparttar 117499 business. Ifrepparttar 117500 business line rings at 7:30 pm and business hours ended at 6:30 pm, letrepparttar 117501 answering machine pick it up. In other words, shutrepparttar 117502 door on repparttar 117503 business atrepparttar 117504 end ofrepparttar 117505 day.

=> Don't Let Home Intrude on Business

Just as you must jealously guard your personal time, so too you must insulaterepparttar 117506 business from intrusions onrepparttar 117507 home front. So, when friends who know you work from home suggest you play hookey to hang out with them during business hours, say no. Schedule hanging out with friends for your personal time.

If you're at odds with each other about something to do with your personal lives, don't let it affect how you work together inrepparttar 117508 business. Focus onrepparttar 117509 task at hand, not your feelings aboutrepparttar 117510 personal issue. If it's getting inrepparttar 117511 way, resolve it. Don't let resentment undermine your working effectiveness.


Finally, there's a myriad of issues that are deserving of whole articles in themselves. They're listed here just as thought starters.

=> Family Demands

If you have children, there may be times when family demands can shiftrepparttar 117512 commitment torepparttar 117513 business of one or either of you. During such times, make sure it's only one of you whose commitment has shifted. Plan for what you will do if, for example, a child gets sick.

=> Outside Interests

To keep your relationship fresh and interesting, you should both pursue interests that are independent ofrepparttar 117514 business and each other.

=> Separate Space

You live and work together. That's a LOT of togetherness. Everyone needs personal space. If possible, have separate work areas so you're not under each other's feet ALLrepparttar 117515 time.

=> Capital Sufficiency

Make sure you have sufficient capital to sustain you through repparttar 117516 start-up phase of your business.

=> Where Did They Getrepparttar 117517 Money for That?

Has your business capital come from family sources? If so, beware scrutiny of your expenditure from family members. It is common for entrepreneurial couples with family money backing them to feel like they have to justifyrepparttar 117518 necessity for a particular item of expenditure, particularly if unrelated torepparttar 117519 business.

=> What ifrepparttar 117520 Relationship Ends?

Particularly ifrepparttar 117521 business is your sole means of livelihood, think about having a plan for what happens torepparttar 117522 business if repparttar 117523 relationship ends. While no-one likes contemplating such an eventuality,repparttar 117524 fact is that half of all marriages end in divorce. Those are pretty high odds. You may agree that you will both continue withrepparttar 117525 business; one of you may buyrepparttar 117526 other out; orrepparttar 117527 business may be sold in toto with repparttar 117528 profits being divided between you.

=> Succession Planning

If your business is successful, what will you do when you exitrepparttar 117529 business?

=> Business Failure

Finally, consider your financial position ifrepparttar 117530 business fails. Not only are you out of work but so is your partner. This is a very different proposition from a business being run by only one spouse. At least thenrepparttar 117531 other spouse is still bringing a paycheck home. Think about how quickly you will both be able to return to paid employment ifrepparttar 117532 worst happens.

The prospect of running a successful business with our mate isrepparttar 117533 dream of many. It is natural to want to share as much as possible with our partner. But it is not forrepparttar 117534 faint- hearted and there are many issues to take into account. Don't make your decision based on visions of romantic togetherness. The reality will be altogether very different. But if, with eyes wide open and having taken all ofrepparttar 117535 above factors into account, you believe you can be successful in business together, by all means go for it!


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Elena Fawkner is editor of A Home-Based Business Online ... practical business ideas, opportunities and solutions forrepparttar 117538 work-from-home entrepreneur.

Elena Fawkner is editor of A Home-Based Business Online ... practical business ideas, opportunities and solutions for the work-from-home entrepreneur.

Jekyll vs. Hyde, 2 Faces of Immortality!

Written by Richard Vegas

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You know something else? It's eternally working allrepparttar time either constructively or destructively. Whatever thoughts you proactively hold onto, will translate into reality no matter what they are. Thoughts of poverty lead to poverty. Thoughts of prosperity lead to riches.

When your attitude towards yourself and your abilities are healthy, and your attitude toward others is generous, you have then setrepparttar 117485 prisoner free. You have set in motionrepparttar 117486 power that will attract all kind of success in your life. When your attitude is lousy, you will attract all kind of poop in your life. You wanna know what poop is? It's chocolate. Nah…….that's a lie; I just wanted to see if you were awake.

Hey, I've even heard people say, "Yea, butrepparttar 117487 grass is greener on that guy's side ofrepparttar 117488 fence." Well, if it is, you can bet your bottom dollar his water bill is higher. I've even heard some people say God is dead. And, Elvis is alive. How stupid can you get? You can always find something that looks bigger and better in your neighbor's front yard. Or, bedroom. "Maybe, that's how stupid you can get."

The Verdict...Guilty of Sabotage!

The next time things start going wrong, wrong, wrong, just stop and ask; What is my attitude right now? Is it optimistic? Is it hopeful? Is it raunchy? I didn't say it was easy.

Hey, that sounds like material for a good song. Don't start daydreaming now. A bad attitude may not have caused everything to go wrong today, but, it will keep things going wrong tomorrow, andrepparttar 117489 next day, and then cause you to sabotage your own efforts. And you won't even know you shot yourself inrepparttar 117490 foot. Hmmm....I think we just answeredrepparttar 117491 question, "How stupid can you get".

The Pot Of Gold At The End Of The Rainbow!

Yea, it's true. If our attitude can be responsible for hurting us? It can also be attributable to our good fortune. It's a universal law. Consider this. H2O makes water. It's a law. Always has, always will. And, I don't care how hard you kick and scream and try and cry, it won't ever make root beer. And, every time you putrepparttar 117492 right attitude to work inside of you, you will make water. But, if you add dirt, you'll get mud. So don't try to mix a little good attitude with a little bad attitude, cause you'll end up with a little poop attitude.

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