Keep Your Eye On the Goal and Go Around the Mule

Written by Roger Reece

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4) Go aroundrepparttar mule. This is easier said than done, because it'srepparttar 124068 mule's nature to completely blockrepparttar 124069 path to your goal. Keeping your eye on your goal, you simply concede thatrepparttar 124070 mule is truly a mule and will not be moved. Therefore, you find another path torepparttar 124071 goal.

A Case in Point

Last year, my daughter came up with a business plan to set up an art gallery, a dream she had thought about for years. The cost to lease and renovate a space in a prominent location was well beyond her means, but after several months of diligent effort, she found a backer who was willing to investrepparttar 124072 money to get her started.

She was so excited! After findingrepparttar 124073 perfect space, she began working out her goals down torepparttar 124074 smallest details. She was finally onrepparttar 124075 road to achieving her dream. Then, just before she was to signrepparttar 124076 lease agreement, a mule stepped out intorepparttar 124077 road. Her backer backed out ofrepparttar 124078 deal. Withoutrepparttar 124079 finances, there would be no art gallery, and after an exhaustive search for another backer she was ready to give up inrepparttar 124080 face of an immovable mule.

Beforerepparttar 124081 mule had exhausted all her energy and vision, she began refocusing on her goal, which was to start an art show business. A friend of hers owns a popular night club and offered to let her host an art show atrepparttar 124082 club on a week night. After a tremendous job of creative planning, she held her first show and completely packed outrepparttar 124083 club. It was a total success.

She recently finished her third highly-profitable, standing-room-only show, and is well on her way to building a successful art show business withoutrepparttar 124084 expense of a permanent gallery. In going aroundrepparttar 124085 mule, she found that she could eliminaterepparttar 124086 need for a major expense and atrepparttar 124087 same time take advantage ofrepparttar 124088 established clienteles of successful night clubs. Today she's more fired up about her goal than ever, and realizes thatrepparttar 124089 mule turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

Learn to Recognizerepparttar 124090 Real Mules and Go Around Them It's often difficult to spot a mule when it blocksrepparttar 124091 road to your goal. Unexpected obstacles often get inrepparttar 124092 way, and generally with creativity and determination you can successfully move or eliminate them. But when a real mule comes along, learn to recognize it by its stubborn, immovable nature.

When you initially define a goal, you should attempt to anticipaterepparttar 124093 obstacles and roadblocks you'll meet alongrepparttar 124094 way, and plan accordingly. But once you get started, when you run into an unexpected mule, step back and focus onrepparttar 124095 essence of your goal. Get creative. Look for high ground and assessrepparttar 124096 landscape. There may be an even better path to your goal that you've overlooked, and if you can find it you'll haverepparttar 124097 mule to thank!

Roger Reece is a motivational speaker and delivers entertaining and challenging keynotes, seminars and team-building programs as himself and as down-home country geek, Buford P. Fuddwhacker.


Written by Ron Kimball

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-You always get to choose. Just learn to question every choice that presents itself in your life.

(3) Honor your intuition, or inner wisdom.

-Be defined from within. Silence and solitude can be helpful and are creativity's best friends. Live by your inner wisdom. "Your gut gets it before your head figures it out." (4) Take risks.

-Risks can be fun. They help you out of your comfort zone. You were actually BORN TO WIN. But "any kind of success without personal fulfillment is still failure."

(5) Peace of mind isrepparttar goal.

-It gives yourepparttar 124067 ability to deal with "stuff."

She remarked that shutting out background noise, such asrepparttar 124068 TV, is essential. There was a period of time when her and her kids didn't have a TV for entertainment. In fact, there wasn't any electricity, telephone, or running water.

As a result, Wynonna improved her singing and guitar playing, while Ashley honed her acting skills and became a voracious reader.

It's evident that Naomi has complete confidence in her inner wisdom. She paced confidently back and forth onrepparttar 124069 stage, making eye contact with every listener inrepparttar 124070 audience. Naomi Judd is living proof that adopting these 5 life lessons can help to enrich your life and fulfill your dreams.

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