Keep Your Dog Smiling With Preventative Dog Dental Care

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If this is your dogís first toothbrush look for a pet dental care kit to get you started. These kits typically include a pet toothbrush, a tube of pet toothpaste and a pet finger toothbrush.

Pet dental wipes are great for use on dogs that resist brushing. These easy-to-use pet teeth cleaning pads help remove food debris and plaque, kill germs and help to control bad breath. If your dog will not allow you to userepparttar toothbrush method try using dental wipes regularly as part of your dogís home dental care program.

You may also want to try to increaserepparttar 125816 amount of time your dog spends chewing on real bones, dental dog chew toys and edible dog chews.

This type of chewing helps remove food debris and prevents tartar build up. If your dog chews enough you may be able to reduce how often you need to manually brush your dogís teeth.

How do dog's inrepparttar 125817 wild keep their teeth clean and healthy?

Dogs inrepparttar 125818 wild are generally much more active than our domesticated pets because they must hunt for their food. They also spend much more time chewing and gnawing on fresh bones, which helps to keep their teeth clean and healthy.

Our domesticated dogs can spend a lot of time sleeping with their mouths closed while passing long period of time alone. It is commonly believed thatrepparttar 125819 lack of fresh air circulating overrepparttar 125820 teeth and gums can encourage certain types of bacterial growth inrepparttar 125821 mouth. And since our pet dogs get their daily rations served to them in bowls it isnít necessary for them to spend much time chewing. Although gnawing on bones is how dogs inrepparttar 125822 wild keep their teeth free from food debris, bacterial accumulation and tartar buildup, our domesticated friends rarely spend as much time at such pursuits.

Encouraging your dog to chew will make a big difference inrepparttar 125823 effectiveness of your dog dental care routine. Real bones are nature's edible dog chews. But if you prefer not to give your dog real bones there are plenty of wonderful dental dog chew toys and edible dog chews that will getrepparttar 125824 job done.

Will real bones help keep clean my dog's teeth?

Give your dog some real bones Ė Natureís own edible dog chews. Most people donít provide their dog with quantities of real bones, so as to avoidrepparttar 125825 mess and unsanitary residue. Itís great if you have an environment in which your dog can indulge in working on a fresh bone. But if not, you can buy some natural sterilized marrowbones. These hollow bones are also available pre-filled with tasty treats like beef, chicken, cheese, and granola.

If you get some unfilled bones you may want to try filling them with your dogís favorite treats. Try peanut butter, cheese or one ofrepparttar 125826 yummy pre-made fillings available at pet shops and online stores.

If you would rather not give your dog real bones there are many enticing dental dog chew toys and edible dog chews available that will encourage your dog to chew.

Besides real bones what other types of dog chews will help keep my dog's teeth clean? Traditional chew toys are still available and are just as popular as ever. But there are also a variety of very good dental chew toys, rope bone chew toys and edible dog chews designed to keep your dog engaged, withrepparttar 125827 added benefit of cleaningrepparttar 125828 teeth. These toys will entice your dog into playfully attending torepparttar 125829 required dental hygiene. They can also keep your dog entertained and out of mischief during those times when you must leave your dog alone.

Rope Bone Chew Toys Ė Try a dental rope chew toy for great flossing action. As your dog happily chews on these toysrepparttar 125830 rope fibers clean betweenrepparttar 125831 teeth. Spray on some dog dental care spray or rub on a little flavored pet toothpaste to really enhancerepparttar 125832 cleaning action of this enticing dental chew toy. Check out a pet dental care spray & rope chew toy kit and get your dog dental care routine going today.

Dental Chew Toys Ė For long lasting chewing fun, and a great dental workout, get your dog a dental chew toy. Some brands are manufactured with grooves that make these dental toys real winners for cleaning your dogís teeth. Some dental chew toys can also be stuffed with your dogís favorite treats for hours of stimulating chewing. And for smaller dogs there are dental chew toys that not only have teeth cleaning grooves but also are combined with a rope chew. Just add some pet toothpaste torepparttar 125833 dental grooves and your dogs will eagerly participate in their daily dog dental care routine.

Edible Dog Chews Ė Are you concerned about giving your dog rawhide chews because they can "ribbon" and cause your dog to choke? Many pet hops and online stores now carry a variety of composite chews. These all natural rawhide dog chews can't ribbon, are easy to digest and dogs loverepparttar 125834 baked in flavor. There is even an edible dog chew treat available that contains no animal by-products.

Dogs, like people, have different tastes and preferences. Choose whichever dental dog toy or dog chew treat that will keep your dog happily chewing his or her way to clean and healthy teeth and gums.

And remember that there are many convenient dog dental care products available that will help you to keep your dogís teeth and gums in great shape between regular visits torepparttar 125835 vet and grooming salon. Unattended dental health problems cannot only distress your beloved pet, but can lead to serious conditions and ailments. Many of these problems can be prevented by implementing a regular home dog dental care routine.

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Get Answers To Important Questions About Dog Nail Trimming

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Bring outrepparttar clipping tools ahead of time and let your dog become familiar with them. It is important that you remain calm. If youíre nervous, your dog will sense it and associate fear or uncertainty with dog nail trimming. If your dog is nervous use gentle reassurance, but donít coddle your dog. Let your dog know that you expect him to behave, but donít push it too far.

If your dog can only manage to tolerate getting one toenail trimmed thatís all right. Just be persistent and try for another nail at another time. And always remember to reward good behavior with your dog's favorite treat.

How can I cut my dogís nails when he doesnít like his feet touched?

Have patience and start working on getting your dog used to having his feet handled. This must be done gradually, so donít rush it. Try gently touching one foot while your dog is asleep. If your dog wakes up be very casual about it. Just remove your hand and act as if you didnít even notice that you were touching his paw. Anytime your dog resists donít react, just ignorerepparttar 125815 fact that you were even holding his paw and try again another time. Repeat this process and over time your dog will adjust to having his feet handled and you should even be able to start touching individual toes without an adverse reaction.

Whenever your dog allows you to touch his feet always remember to praise your dog and give him a dog treat. Your dog will begin to associate having his feet handled with a pleasant experience. Bring outrepparttar 125816 nail clippers when your dog is very comfortable with you handling his feet and you are confident that you have gained your dogís trust.

Will my dog ever adjust to getting her nails trimmed?

Many dogs may never like to get their nails trimmed, but if done regularly over time, dogs can learn to sit through this routine grooming procedure. Other dogs may never sit still. If you canít get your dog to sit still you may need to recruitrepparttar 125817 help of another person to hold your dog while you trim her nails. While some dogs can be distracted by dog treats alone, others may also have to be held. You may want to try clipping your dogís nails after a full day of exercise when your dog is looking to take a long nap. Tired dogs tend to be less resistant.

If you know that your dog tends to bite when stressed out, for safety sake you should muzzle your pet before you begin a dog nail trimming procedure. Ifrepparttar 125818 task of trimming your dogís nails proves to be too much, find a professional dog groomer or veterinarian for this part of your dogís routine grooming. If you canít get your dog to cooperate itís better that your dog doesnít associate you with this negative experience. If you know that your dog tends to react in an aggressive manner, be sure to let your groomer know what to expect so thatrepparttar 125819 necessary safety precautions can be taken before they begin a dog nail trimming session.

What isrepparttar 125820 quick and what do I need to know about it?

The quick isrepparttar 125821 living part of a dogís nail and has blood vessels running throughout. Cutting intorepparttar 125822 quick during dog nail trimming is painful for your dog and will result in bleeding. If your dog has light colored nails your job will be easier since you will be able to seerepparttar 125823 quick. It will be impossible to seerepparttar 125824 quick if your dogís nails are black or dark in color. If your dog has at least one light colored nail you can usually use that nail as a guide forrepparttar 125825 others. If dog nail trimming is completely new to you, ask your veterinarian or groomer to show you how to trim your dogís nails or consult a good dog care book.

Another important fact to note is thatrepparttar 125826 quick grows withrepparttar 125827 nail. As a dogís nails grow longerrepparttar 125828 quick will also lengthen. So if your dogís nails are over grown you will not be able to cliprepparttar 125829 nails torepparttar 125830 desired length without cutting intorepparttar 125831 quick. You will need to trimrepparttar 125832 tips of your dogís nails often and over timerepparttar 125833 quick will shorten. To avoid cutting intorepparttar 125834 quick youíll want to start by trimming small pieces ofrepparttar 125835 nail until you getrepparttar 125836 hang of it.

Help, Iíve cut my dogís nail too short and now my dog is bleeding! What do I do now?

Donít panic. Your dog is in a little pain butrepparttar 125837 prognosis is good Ė your dog will live! Youíve cut intorepparttar 125838 quick,repparttar 125839 blood-filled tissue in your dogís nail. To stoprepparttar 125840 bleeding take a pinch of styptic powder and press it againstrepparttar 125841 bleeding toenail. Now give your dog lots of treats. The nail should stop bleeding in about 5-10 minutes.

Try not to baby your dog too much. You donít want to bring a lot of unnecessary attention torepparttar 125842 injured nail. Youíll be surprised at how easily your dog will be distracted byrepparttar 125843 dog treats if youíre not making a big deal out ofrepparttar 125844 bleeding toenail. So just stay calm and upbeat and you may be able to finish your dog nail-trimming task.

If your dog is calm and enjoyingrepparttar 125845 treats it's best to continue trimming. If you didnít finish withrepparttar 125846 paw that you were working on you may want to continue on another paw and come back to that one after you have finishedrepparttar 125847 rest. If your dog is too excited you may need to try again at a later time. Donít be discouraged, even professional dog groomers occasionally cut intorepparttar 125848 quick.

If my dogís nails are over grown how can dog nail trimming get them back to a healthy length?

You will need to trim your dogís nails regularly. Start by clipping very small pieces ofrepparttar 125849 nail tip until you can see a dark, round, kind of moist looking disk appear inrepparttar 125850 middle ofrepparttar 125851 nail. This means youíre approachingrepparttar 125852 quick andrepparttar 125853 nail will bleed if you cut it any shorter.

Try trimming this far every week or two andrepparttar 125854 quick will gradually recede. Over timerepparttar 125855 length ofrepparttar 125856 nail can be shortened. Cutting intorepparttar 125857 quick to shorten a dogís over grown nails could lead to an infection. If your dogís nails are extremely over grown and this condition is causing health issues consult your veterinarian immediately.

Trimming your dogís nails is one ofrepparttar 125858 regular home dog grooming tasks that helps to keep your dog healthy and active. As with most dog grooming tasks, rewarding your dog for positive behavior is an important part in your dogís acceptance ofrepparttar 125859 activity. Itís always best when your dog can associaterepparttar 125860 attention you lavish on him or her with a positive, happy memory. Learningrepparttar 125861 tricks to proper dog nail trimming, training your dog with positive feedback, and showing patience and love will makerepparttar 125862 time you spend together a reward in itself.

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