Keep Things In Order With A Written Home Decorating Plan

Written by Bonnie P. Carrier

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Sound like home, if so than practical, less fussy isrepparttar direction to go.

There are endless ways to make your room function well and still have great style.

A few ideas might include:

1) Durable easy clean fabrics, like removable, washable slipcovers

2) Baskets or plastic stacking crates are perfect for remotes, DVD’S, CD’s and games. This makes for easy pick up atrepparttar 144833 end ofrepparttar 144834 day, or when company suddenly shows up.

3) Possibly fewer pieces inrepparttar 144835 room, giving you more floor space.

Tip: Look for pieces that will serve double duty. Many ottomans today have build in storage, do you get extra seating plus some place to stash things quick.

4) Large floor pillows for TV or movie watching (kids, for some reason love laying onrepparttar 144836 floor).

5) If space permits, a table and chairs for playing games, doing craft or homework projects.

6) Washable latex paint for easy clean up.

The final step is to be realistic about your list of changes. Choose things that fit comfortably into your current budget, overtime more things can be done.

So for right now, just remember, simple savvy changes can make a big difference

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Bonnie P. Carrier is the creator of Savvy Home Decorating & Savvy Outdoor Decorating. She is the mother to two grown daughters and a very spoiled 4yr old Blue Merle Sheltie named Toby. Stop by both site for indoor and outdoor decorating ideas.

Is Your Child Having Trouble in School?

Written by Barbara White

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Many students today, whose learning styles are not catered for inrepparttar school system, are prone to be dismissed or labeled as lazy, unfocused, and unintelligent, disorganized, ADHD, or have a learning disability. School for many of these students is an endurance test, which some fail. The school experience can devastate their self confidence and self esteem, due to their inability to conform or adapt torepparttar 144813 expectations ofrepparttar 144814 system, and those around them. Yet these same students in later life can become very successful because of their entrepreneurial spirit, their creativity, their ability to think outside ofrepparttar 144815 box, and viewrepparttar 144816 world from a different perspective.

If your child is having trouble at school, it may not be a reflection your parenting, their teacher orrepparttar 144817 school. Your child may be trying to learn in an environment that conflicts with his natural aptitude and learning style. For your child it could be like trying to learn to swim in an ocean of sand! Look outside of ‘normal’ expectations, and seerepparttar 144818 situation throughrepparttar 144819 eyes of your child. You may be surprised!!! ………and why not do a little research in torepparttar 144820 school experience of Albert Einstein, and many other notable figures in our history? I think you might see things from a different perspective.

Barbara White, an experienced educator and parent of three teenagers, speaks with humor, insight, and passion to both teachers and parents on the subject of learning and personality styles. Her latest presentation “Learning Through the Eyes of a Child” is both entertaining and inspirational. For more articles and information visit her website

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