Keep That Focus!

Written by Cathy Bryant

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- shopping in an unhurried atmosphere inrepparttar quaint downtown section of Ocean Springs, Mississippi - only a few minutes' drive fromrepparttar 117362 exciting casino action ofrepparttar 117363 neighboring town of Biloxi

- reconnecting with friends and family and being able to enjoy reunions that I often missed due to living a long distance away

- dining at local restaurants that serverepparttar 117364 delicious seafoodrepparttar 117365 area is famous for

I could go on and on, but you getrepparttar 117366 (mental) picture!

Carrying this one step further, I've gathered together some pictures, postcards, and other memorabilia that reflectrepparttar 117367 overall atmosphere ofrepparttar 117368 area. These items hang on my wall in my office, right in front of me, so that I can have a constant reminder of exactly what it is that I am working toward.

I'm amazed atrepparttar 117369 effectiveness of these simple techniques!

You can apply these same methods regardless of what your goals are. Even if what you're working for can't be quite so clearly defined in words and pictures, you can still benefit from these exercises.

During those few minutes each day that you set aside to form your mental "picture," imaginerepparttar 117370 feelings that you will have when you have reached your own personal goals. Create an affirmation statement, using your computer and some attractive stationery to print it out. Frame this and place it in your own personal work area so that you will have a constant reminder of what exactly it is that you want to accomplish.

Focus, focus, focus....and your dreams WILL come true!

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Sitting On The Back Porch

Written by Cathy Bryant

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Sometimes you can do that...but more often than not, you can't.

Or you won't, because you don't want your supervisor to view you as a "slacker."

So you plug away, not able to give your all to your job simply because you're not able to refresh yourself on YOUR timetable.

No so when you work from home.

Make no mistake; I work very long hours - many more than I did at any of my traditional jobs. Sometimes I work as many as 14 hours a day. But whenrepparttar time comes to take a break, regardless ofrepparttar 117361 hour, I haverepparttar 117362 freedom to do just that.

And that's when I head forrepparttar 117363 back porch.

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