Keep Preschoolers Cool about School

Written by Jane Lake

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• Reinforce basic safety rules. Your child should be able to say his or her name and address clearly. Try helping your child memorize your home phone number, too; it may be easier if you sing it together torepparttar tune of Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.

• Encourage friendships with neighborhood children who are also starting kindergarten. Knowing even one child who will be sharing that first day can make a big difference.

• Tell your child to choose something from home to take to school. A favorite small toy or family photo can help ease homesickness.

• Take advantage of introductory days when you and your child can meetrepparttar 109343 teacher and have an advance look atrepparttar 109344 kindergarten classroom.

• Maintain a cheerful attitude towards school; chances are your child will then feel cheerful about it, too.

A kindergarten program should provide a warm, caring and fun-loving environment sensitive to individual differences, where each child has an opportunity to advance at his or her own rate. As children progress, they learn new things and meet new people. Your encouragement can help them feel good about themselves and their accomplishments; in years to come, this new-found independence will bring its own rewards, not only in school, but inrepparttar 109345 rest ofrepparttar 109346 big wide world, as well.

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3 Steps to Successfully Build a Team in any Program

Written by Frank Bauer

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before.   But what should you tell people duringrepparttar chat or inrepparttar 109342 email message you write to find your two leaders?   This isrepparttar 109343 point where you need to do your homework.  Look very closely atrepparttar 109344 program for which you want to build a successful team for.  Answer yourselfrepparttar 109345 following questions:   1. What isrepparttar 109346 product or service that this program sells? 2. What main benefits doesrepparttar 109347 product or service providerepparttar 109348    customer with? 3. What makesrepparttar 109349 product or service better then those offered    byrepparttar 109350 competition? 4. How much doesrepparttar 109351 product or service cost? 5. How doesrepparttar 109352 products compensation plan work? 6. What is necessary to break even and get into profit?   You noticed that I mentioned everything related to money atrepparttar 109353 end?  Yes, I did orderrepparttar 109354 above list by priority on purpose.   When you answer yourself those questions, keep always in mind to answer to most elementary question everybody has... which is:   What is in it for me? Also often called WIIFM.  Once you learn to answer that question, you will be easily able to find your two leaders.   BTW... there is a shortcut to your homework assignment.  :)   Ask your sponsor to answerrepparttar 109355 six questions above... then check an confirm those answers are accurate and match your own opinion aboutrepparttar 109356 program.  This can save you time and strengthenrepparttar 109357 relationship with your own sponsor as you work with him together to answer them.     Tip: There are millions of programs out there onrepparttar 109358 net and many people, including me, fall easily prey to start joining too many at once. The grass always seems to look greener onrepparttar 109359 other side. ;)   I live now byrepparttar 109360 following rule... Earn with two programs (meaning: be in profit) before you even consider to join one new one. And I recommend that you too do that.   --   Frank Bauer isrepparttar 109361 owner of - Scripts & Services for your Web Business andrepparttar 109362 publisher ofrepparttar 109363 More4you Newsletter. To see how he can help you, visit:   Reprint rights to this article are granted, as long as it is not modified andrepparttar 109364 resources plus signature remain unchanged.

Frank Bauer is the owner of - Scripts & Services for your Web Business and the publisher of the More4you Newsletter. To see how he can help you, visit:

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