Keep Customers Close And Competition Even Closer!

Written by Larry Dotson

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Sponsor an event together. You would be able to splitrepparttar costs and both save money. You both would be able to getrepparttar 122563 word out about your businesses.

Promote each others products that are related but don't create a competition. Just bundle them in a package deal and splitrepparttar 122564 profits.

Create a viral freebie together. You both could run ads inrepparttar 122565 freebie. A free ebook, for example. You could allow other people to give it away. The best business ad winsrepparttar 122566 most sales.

There are also disadvantages to these joint venture deals. They may find out important information about your business that you don't want them to know, butrepparttar 122567 same thing could happen to them.

Inrepparttar 122568 long run, you may end up becoming friends and partners by developing this relationship. You may even combine your businesses.

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Your Time Is Now - Network marketing soared in the 90's... and the best is yet to come

Written by Jeffrey A. Babener

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Network marketing techniques can penetrate new markets quickly.

Since commissions are only paid on actual sales and since word-of-mouth replaces costly advertising campaigns, network distribution is an efficient and economical way to market a product or service.

Going Global

As it entered whole new business categories inrepparttar 1990s,repparttar 122562 network industry also planted its flag in dozens of new markets aroundrepparttar 122563 world. Amway and Nu Skin had singular successes in Japan, which proved to be as amenable to network marketing asrepparttar 122564 industry's birthplace,repparttar 122565 U.S.A. Nu Skin pioneered global seamless sponsoring, which allows a distributor to sponsor people living anywhere inrepparttar 122566 world into one down-line organization - as long asrepparttar 122567 corporation does business inrepparttar 122568 country whererepparttar 122569 recruit lives. For many ofrepparttar 122570 largest networking companies, sales outside repparttar 122571 U.S. proved to berepparttar 122572 majority. The Internet, global communication, and satellite TV providedrepparttar 122573 tools for global expansion.

It wasn't just Yankees who have been onrepparttar 122574 march during this decade. Many foreign-based networking companies set up shop in repparttar 122575 U.S. One ofrepparttar 122576 major success stories ofrepparttar 122577 1990s - health products giant Nikken - came torepparttar 122578 U.S. from Fukuoka, Japan, atrepparttar 122579 beginning ofrepparttar 122580 decade with virtually no American customer base. Nikken posted annual U.S. sales inrepparttar 122581 hundreds of millions byrepparttar 122582 end ofrepparttar 122583 decade and established its new worldwide headquarters in California. Read All About It Finally,repparttar 122584 decade just ending has seen a sea-change in media and public perceptions ofrepparttar 122585 network marketing industry. Inrepparttar 122586 1980s, repparttar 122587 press acknowledgedrepparttar 122588 existence of network marketing - butrepparttar 122589 attention was often negative. Stories had names like "The mess called MLM" and "Here comerepparttar 122590 scam artists." Some ofrepparttar 122591 abuses cited were real, but good companies were usually lumped together with bad - effectively misinformingrepparttar 122592 public about a major industry.

In recent years, this trend has begun to turn around. Positive stories on network marketing have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, Inc., Success, Entrepreneur, Wealth Building, Business Startups and Home Office Computing. Articles continued to treat repparttar 122593 industry to its dose of honest criticism, but they also began to includerepparttar 122594 positive side:repparttar 122595 fact that millions of Americans were finding opportunity where they had never expected to see it - among their relatives, friends, neighbors, and colleagues.

Unless you have been living in a cave, you can't have missed experts' predictions thatrepparttar 122596 Internet will be one ofrepparttar 122597 most powerful business forces inrepparttar 122598 21st Century. As available bandwidth increases, ever more information - and more money - will be exchanged overrepparttar 122599 Net. As a future-oriented industry, network marketing will respond, adoptingrepparttar 122600 new technology enthusiastically.

The Internet will becomerepparttar 122601 prime means of communication, training, and ordering for network marketing distributors. Sales kits and videos may become obsolete as sophisticated multimedia demonstrations on laptops (and over e-mail) becomerepparttar 122602 main recruiting tool, and cyberspace becomesrepparttar 122603 chief venue for training. The Internet will encourage rapid expansion on a global scale with instantaneous communication between network marketing corporate headquarters and repparttar 122604 distributor force.

Documentation, sales kits, distributor agreements, and policies and procedures will reside primarily on Web sites, where new prospects can download them. (Courts already recognize electronic signatures as binding.) Distributors will order directly fromrepparttar 122605 Net, reducing repparttar 122606 need for call centers and human operators.

Companies will pay commissions by direct deposit to bank accounts or credit card accounts. The new, "virtual networking" company will out-source almost all its activities: private-label manufacturing, customer service, fulfillment, graphics - even genealogy and account processing. The technology revolution will levelrepparttar 122607 playing field.

But don't let all this technological razzle-dazzle distract you fromrepparttar 122608 basics. Regardless of what gadgets they adopt,repparttar 122609 network marketing companies that succeed will always be those that maintain their respect for personal relationships. Get as virtual as you like - you will always need to get out there and pressrepparttar 122610 flesh.

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