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Written by Janet K. Ilacqua

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Thinking Exercise: Learning From Your Karma

Was there a time when you felt challenged to learn or grow by life events that seemed beyond your control? If so, take a moment to think about that time, and then addressrepparttar following questions. What was challenging about that time? Why did it seem out of your control? Was another person involved who seemed to be controllingrepparttar 122271 events? If so, who? Why was that person able to controlrepparttar 122272 events when you could not? Did you feel at that time a sense of deja vu or repetition? How was this challenge resolved? Were you able to take control ofrepparttar 122273 events or did they resolve without your intervention? What did you learn from this challenge?

Karmic Development ofrepparttar 122274 Soul You are working on karmic themes through many lives. Your karmic themes representrepparttar 122275 repetitive signposts that your soul encounters through its many lifetimes. Many past life issues are psychological in nature and play out through many lifetimes in what can be called karmic scripts. These scripts can involverepparttar 122276 same souls, with whom you meet repeatedly over many lifetimes. Sometimes you might be working out problems and experiences together, while other times you may be bonded through trauma or issues of karmic justice. Some souls travel together to help each other. Sometimes, a mixture of motives operates to bind souls.

Thinking Exercise: Finding Karmic Themes

We would like to now discussrepparttar 122277 hardest lesson you ever had to learn. How didrepparttar 122278 lesson present itself? Did you recognize it as a lesson, or it initially as a challenge? Did you resistrepparttar 122279 challenge? Did you try to ignore it, go around it, or otherwise not face it? How did you ultimately learnrepparttar 122280 lesson that challenge presented? Do you feel that you have now learned this lesson, or do similar challenges present themselves repeatedly? If so, why do you think you may not have yet learned this lesson.

Karmic Patterns

Karma isrepparttar 122281 spiritual equivalent ofrepparttar 122282 law of cause and effect. The existence of favourable or unfavourable karma depends on whether past deeds were good or evil. Most people have both good and bad karma because they have performed both good and bad deeds inrepparttar 122283 past. So most people lives are a mixture of misery and happiness. Karma is not limited to actions taken during one's present life, but can extend back intorepparttar 122284 infinite past and forward intorepparttar 122285 infinite future. Thus, karma formsrepparttar 122286 connecting link between one's consecutive lives. Karma applies mostly torepparttar 122287 acts of individuals, but it may also berepparttar 122288 overall result of actions by many people acting as a group; such as groups of persons, family groups, groups of nations, andrepparttar 122289 like. In other words, there are such things as group karma, family karma and even national karma. Further complicatingrepparttar 122290 mix arerepparttar 122291 needs and agendas of others around you that affect you on a deep and profound level. Sometimes you may have made agreements with other souls to work on certain issues together, helping each other through several lifetimes. Karma is attached only to souls. There is no such thing as a karmic place. However, strong emotions can easily imprint themselves onrepparttar 122292 world around us. Homes, workplaces, even hotel rooms, can develop a distinct build-up of emotional residue. These residues linger inrepparttar 122293 subtle reality, affecting everyone who encounters them on a deep and unspoken level.

Thinking Exercise: Family and Group Karma

Think of your family relationships, including your parents, siblings, spouse, children, aunts, uncles, and in-laws. Who in your family have you felt close to? Who have you felt distant from? Think of your friends. Are there any that you felt closer to than your family? Are there any that you think that you have been with before? Think of your neighbours and/or co-workers. Are there any that you instantaneously liked or disliked for no apparent reason? Do you feel that there is something more to them than meets torepparttar 122294 eye? Try to visualize it or make a story about them.

Bio: Janet Ilacqua is a freelance writer living in Tracy. She specializes in spirituality, business, and prosperity issues. She can be reached at jilacqua@aol.com. Also check out her website at http://www.writeupondemand.com.

Aura FAQs

Written by Janet Ilacqua

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Astral travelers. Oftentimes, when we are dreaming or in a coma, our spirits leaverepparttar body and travel to other places. Ghosts--These can be spirits ofrepparttar 122270 person's loved ones or they may have a connection torepparttar 122271 house that you are reading in. The spirits of living people who are either dreaming, in a coma, or engaged in astral travel. Remember that, in all cases, your focus is onrepparttar 122272 person torepparttar 122273 reader. The first thing you should be is determine their relationship torepparttar 122274 person being read. Describerepparttar 122275 spirit entities to your client and see if he can identify them. Ifrepparttar 122276 energies are at all negative, protect your psychically by surrounding you andrepparttar 122277 person you are reading with white light. If possible, addressrepparttar 122278 entities and ask them why there are here and if they have any information, which may helprepparttar 122279 person, whom you are reading. In any case, whatever entities, you should determine what information they are trying to give to you aboutrepparttar 122280 person you are reading. Can I be a Christian, Moslem, Jew, etc. and read auras? The belief in auras is not tied to any specific religious tradition. Throughout history, advanced spiritual people such as Buddha, Christ and their immediate students were painted with golden haloes around their heads, because some artists could actually see auras. In Australia remote West Kimberleys, you can find prehistoric cave paintings (right), many thousands of years old, depicting people with golden haloes. All religions have hadrepparttar 122281 concept of positive spiritual energy,repparttar 122282 equivalent ofrepparttar 122283 Chinese concept of chi andrepparttar 122284 Christian concept of grace. Working with spiritual energy help you become a more spiritually balanced person and eventually a better Christian, Moslem, and so

Bio: Janet K. Ilacqua is a freelance writer based in Tracy, California. For more information about her services, check her website at http://www.writeupondemand.com

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