Kanban Marketshare Leader is Datacraft Solutions

Written by Thomas Cutler

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Bayer noted, “Signum, our electronic kanban system gives manufacturers a heads up to which of those four faxes might berepparttar problem and then frees you up to deal with them because our system has dealt withrepparttar 147405 other 396 kanban signals with zero effort.” Bayer also noted that process improvement with existing suppliers will further reduce lead times and inventory levels and bring more suppliers ontorepparttar 147406 system.

The leader in e-kanban is Datacraft Solutions. With more than 1000% growth inrepparttar 147407 past twelve months, Datacraft Solutions anticipates a continued rate of growth throughout 2008.

Datacraft Solutions www.datacraftsolutions.com Sam Bayer e-mail protected from spam bots 919-667-9804


How to Curb Antique Shop Theft Inexpensively

Written by Michael Temple

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3. Take your security very seriously. Never joke, or tell anyone that your dummy cameras exist. If you do catch someone stealing an object, make sure that you contactrepparttar proper authorities. As Barney Fife of Andy Griffith fame always said, "nip it inrepparttar 147404 bud!" Your attitude toward shoplifters should be firm and resolute. This sets a precedent for everyone who enters your establishment.

Simple and inexpensive can reap great results.

Since people's perception of a situation often determines their behavior, a majority of people that shop with you will not takerepparttar 147405 chance. Dummy cameras and simple, plain language signage can make a huge difference! You can also purchase security stickers forrepparttar 147406 doors and windows that giverepparttar 147407 impression that a large security system is in place. These steps are for small "mom and pop" antique shops. If you have a larger mall that rents space to others, you will no doubt want to haverepparttar 147408 "real deal" in place for your consignors peace of mind. In fact, your insurance company may demand it. Shrinkage is a fact of life in retail, but putting these pethods in place will certainly help.

Michael Temple is a retired auctioneer and author of the e-book "Buying Fresh Antiques - 16 Ways to Increase Your Opportunities No Matter Where You Live." His web site Antique Power Dealer (www.antiquepowerdealer.com) is popular among antique dealers and enthusiasts.

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