Kachina Doll

Written by Jeremiah P. Huck

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If you use your kachina as a sacred messinger, keeprepparttar area aroundrepparttar 148720 fetish clean and clear. You want to helprepparttar 148721 kachina to not pick up negative or damaging energies. Treatrepparttar 148722 kachina and it's environment as you would any sacred object, and enjoy it's help.

Finally, like all relationships, your connection to your kachina can take time. The longer you have itrepparttar 148723 more you get to know each other. So as time goes by, your kachina can shift it's help to you as your needs change.

* There are many kachinas available today, some are expensive...one of a kind works of art. However, as a working tool you don't have to spend alot to getrepparttar 148724 right piece. Remember that your connection torepparttar 148725 specific kachina is more critical then anything.....it simply must 'talk' to you.

* As a shaman, I have seen kachinas helping people who didn't even realize that they were getting help. So you don't have to be a believer........they help anyway. Hey, we could all use a little help these days!

Jerry is a professional shaman. He publishes an online magazine dealing with shamanism and holistic living. You can view a good selection of inexpensive kachinas in the publication: To access the magazine or shop for kachinas, click here: http://www.jeremiahhuck.workzsites.com/page/page/2189668.htm


Written by Debbie Burgin

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I thought about my daughterís suggestion for about a month. After which time, I decided to go ahead and start my company designing and manufacturing handbags. I studied fashion design when I was younger, and I couldnít think of any reason that a handbag would be more difficult to make than a dress. Decision made!

I started my first company in November, and by February, I had 23 stores who were carrying my product. I designed and draftedrepparttar pattern, foundrepparttar 148719 fabric, manufacturedrepparttar 148720 products, and I did it all alone. I work at home forrepparttar 148721 bulk ofrepparttar 148722 time and itís a ton of work, but Iím happy with it.

Looking back now, I canít figure out exactly what it was that I was so afraid of. I just knew that I was terrified, but decided to go ahead and do it anyway. Turns out, it was a wonderful decision. Iím my own boss, Iím runningrepparttar 148723 show. I enjoy it so much, that Iíve started another company doing something else that I love. Yes, most ofrepparttar 148724 time life is hectic, but I absolutely love it.

Debbie Burgin is mother of 3 and dual business owner. She owns Debbie Burgin Design, a business that she started as a result of her divorce.

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