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Written by James D. Brausch

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Need more proof? Try it yourself. Create a link on your site that says something like: "Forrepparttar least expensive high quality widgets, click here". Obviously, changerepparttar 129619 "widgets" to something you want to actually sell. Also make sure you use some method to track click-thru rates and sales. Expose that link to a test group of visitors and record your results. Now repeat withrepparttar 129620 following progressively shorter phrases:

Least Expensive/high quality widgets Least Expensive Widgets Cheap Widgets Widgets

In almost all cases, you will find that your click-thru rate will increase asrepparttar 129621 phrase becomes shorter. In most cases, you'll also notice thatrepparttar 129622 total revenue will increase as well. Your revenue per click will level off at some point. This isrepparttar 129623 point of most efficiency.

Tryrepparttar 129624 same exercise with your one-page sales letter. Start off with 10 paragraphs and slowly start to eliminaterepparttar 129625 least useful paragraphs. You should noticerepparttar 129626 same effect. Eventually, your revenue per visitor will level off and tell you thatrepparttar 129627 remaining paragraphs all say essential things to sell your product. Then you can start trimming out sentences. finally individual phrases and words.

The goal is to tell your prospects enough about your product/service that they are ready to buy and NOTHING MORE. Anything more than these essentials is just going to convince them that your product/service isn't right for them.

Of course, you must be sure to tell themrepparttar 129628 essentials so that they make an informed decision. This isn't a call to be dishonest by leaving out essential information. It is actually a call to be more honest by leaving out extraneous information that would confuse and drive away potential customers.

James D. Brausch, is the Vice President of Marketing for Target Blaster, Inc., an Internet Marketing firm specializing in targeted traffic.

Interviews with Well-Known Ezine Writers #1: - Bob Leduc

Written by Michael Southon

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BL: A few of my articles are in eBooks. 32 of them are compiled into a print publication titled, "How To Build A High-Profit Business On A Low-Impact Budget" (

MS: Bob, is there any particular program or software that you find especially useful as an Ezine Writer?

BL: Yes. 2 programs:

#1. MS Word. I use this word processor to write my articles. I created a template withrepparttar formatting I want for writing articles. The built in word count tool helps me controlrepparttar 129617 size of an article as I write. Then I can saverepparttar 129618 article as plain text with line breaks at 60 characters per line ...the format I use for submitting to publishers.

#2: I use WorldMerge by ColoradoSoft to email articles to repparttar 129619 publishers on my list. It creates individual email messages with personalized information merged into each.

MS: It sometimes seems that everything that could possibly be written about has already been written about. What would be your response to that?

BL: Maybe every subject was been written about. But not every aspect of every subject has been covered. Plus,repparttar 129620 world is changing -- FAST. Every change creates more things to write about.

MS: What would you say isrepparttar 129621 single most important style tip for writing a good Ezine Article?

BL: Make your articles easy to read. Use simple, easy to understand words and examples. This is easy if you only write about things you do yourself -- or things you learned yourself by trial and error.

MS: And finally Bob, what would be your advice to someone who wants to write Ezine Articles but has never written forrepparttar 129622 Internet before?

BL: (1) Recognize that most ofrepparttar 129623 articles you read were written by someone just like you. (2) Choose a topic you know a lot about from personal experience ...even if others already wrote articles about it. Then force yourself to start writing YOUR article on that topic.

MS: Thank you Bob.

Michael Southon is the author of the popular new eBook 'Ezine Writer!' Discover how to dramatically increase your Traffic and Sales, starting today: Join his twice-monthly 'e-Profit Tips Newsletter':

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