Written by Sandi Moses

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renamerepparttar tabs alongrepparttar 119360 bottom to matchrepparttar 119361 page titles on your web site if that helps you keep track. Your four columns will be "Title," "Description," "Page/Location," and "URL." Takerepparttar 119362 first link page on your site and just type inrepparttar 119363 info. Copy and paste may or may not work as some software insists on copyingrepparttar 119364 hyperlink info as well and makes necessary stuff like wrapping text difficult or impossible. The page/location column is used to code which link page you haverepparttar 119365 placedrepparttar 119366 reciprocal link onto, and where up and downrepparttar 119367 page. For instance,repparttar 119368 first link on your page one is coded 1.01. The 12th link on page 2 is coded 2.12. The 18th link on page 3 is coded 3.18, and so on. Once you have done that, have your software alphabetizerepparttar 119369 page. The links will then be arranged in alphabetical order so you can easily find whatever you are looking for. Additions to not-yet-completed pages can just be added torepparttar 119370 bottom, and then re-alphabetized. Try it!

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The Power of Link Popularity

Written by Matt Colyer

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Type your keyword phrases into a search engine and wait forrepparttar results. The web sites you see onrepparttar 119359 first few web pages ofrepparttar 119360 search engine results should be your main targets and should be looked at. Visit their site to see if you can findrepparttar 119361 site owners name and email them asking to exchange links, remember to email them atrepparttar 119362 right email address, don't emailrepparttar 119363 email address that's for support.

Type your keywords or phrases intorepparttar 119364 search engine and see who links torepparttar 119365 sites that come up first. After finding a few sites that link torepparttar 119366 sites that rank high on your keyword phrases email them and ask if they would be interested in a link exchange. This is great if you can get bothrepparttar 119367 top sites that rank for your keyword phrases andrepparttar 119368 sites that link torepparttar 119369 top sites because not only do you haverepparttar 119370 top sites linking to you, but alsorepparttar 119371 site sites that made them get there inrepparttar 119372 first place.

Some webmasters use link exchange programs such as, these link exchange program help you find link partners easier becauserepparttar 119373 sites are cauterized into their related topics, so you don't have to search for them.

Use those rules and you should do just fine! Just remember to take your time and don't use automated software, instead hand pickrepparttar 119374 sites that you link to.

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