KABBALAH OF LOVE II: The Secret Power of Ego

Written by Shifra Hendrie

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Like a balloon inflating with hot air, I got ready to blow up at him.

But then something happened. In a moment of unusual lucidity, I sawrepparttar future before my eyes. This is what it looked like:

First, I’d blow up. I’d express some righteous indignation (in a loud voice). I’d persist until my husband (generally a pretty nice, easy-going guy) admitted that his behavior had been rude and inconsiderate. Then, once my anger was properly validated, I’d forgive him and we could be friends again – but only after I’d temporarily diminished his ego and inflated my own.

In that one lucid moment I realized that I could simply skiprepparttar 147612 whole thing and go straight to being authentic and close. I saw a new possibility –repparttar 147613 possibility of refusing to be a slave to my own ego. To choose from a deeper, calmer, more authentic part of myself.

I was overwhelmed with a sense of how massively stupid, predictable, automatic and ridiculous this whole pattern actually is.

What part of me saw that new possibility? The part that peeked out throughrepparttar 147614 surface of my ego – a little piece of my core.


The world was created in three basic stages.

In Stage One, G-d’s* Infinite all-pervasive essential light was shining without limit, filling all space. There was no place devoid of it, and therefore nothing could exist aside from it. This isrepparttar 147615 stage of Infinity.

In Stage Two, G-d concealed His Infinite light in order to create an apparently ‘empty space’ in which other things (i.e.,repparttar 147616 universe, us) could exist. This concealment ofrepparttar 147617 truth is Stage Two. This isrepparttar 147618 stage ofrepparttar 147619 finite, where it became possible for myriad creatures and myriad perspectives, each with its own limited boundaries and parameters, to exist.

Stage Three isrepparttar 147620 merging of infinite and finite. It involvesrepparttar 147621 transformation ofrepparttar 147622 finite inhabitants ofrepparttar 147623 universe. They must move from a state of being which conceals their infinite Divine Source to one which expresses and reveals it.

Like a game of hide and seek, G-d conceals Himself in our finite world and waits for us to find Him. Through this process He can endow us withrepparttar 147624 greatest gift there is – to exist as finite individuals and yet experience a truly intimate relationship with our Creator.

Your ego is central to this process.

Like everything inrepparttar 147625 physical world, your ego hidesrepparttar 147626 light of your essence. It is what allows you exist as a separate individual. By blocking out your intrinsic connection to G-d, your true nature and purpose, andrepparttar 147627 essential oneness ofrepparttar 147628 universe, your ego allows you to function as an individual. It allows you to have a personal perspective and a personal experience of life. Without it you’d be simply a part ofrepparttar 147629 whole.

But this is onlyrepparttar 147630 beginningrepparttar 147631 process. The ultimate goal is that through your ego - your role as a limited individual with a limited perspective, you will find your way back home.


We have enteredrepparttar 147632 Era of Transformation. This means that you can train your ego-based identity to recognize and align itself withrepparttar 147633 voice of your authentic self. The ego doesn’t have to be defended or suppressed – it can be transformed. Your ego can be used on behalf ofrepparttar 147634 purpose for which it was created inrepparttar 147635 first place – to allow you to enhance your relationship with your Creator, expressrepparttar 147636 potential of your essence, and fulfill your purpose here on earth.

Your defensive ego-based reactions will probably not go away for now. But instead of being a slave to them, you can use them asrepparttar 147637 impetus to connect to these deeper parts of you. The moment you choose to observe yourself rather than react, to question your own defensive instincts, to genuinely see another person’s point of view, to admit where you may be wrong, to connect with something higher, to be generous with your time, money or resources when you don’t have to, you have made your ego your ally.

In fact, whenever you choose use your body, your mind, your time, your relationships or your possessions to fulfill your authentic purpose - to do something intrinsically good or G-dly - those things, for that moment, are Holy. They have been used on behalf ofrepparttar 147638 purpose of Creation. You have created a bit of light through whichrepparttar 147639 world’s darkness and concealment will be transformed.

*Sincerepparttar 147640 Torah forbidsrepparttar 147641 erasing of G-d’s name, it’s customary to avoid writing it out in full. © Shifra Hendrie, Kabbalah of Transformation / www.kabbalahoftransformation.com.

Shifra Hendrie is a professional life coach who works with spiritually-minded people to create breakthrough results in their lives, businesses and relationships. She uses a unique combination of profound spiritual wisdom and cutting edge coaching techniques.

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The Kabbalah of Creation

Written by Shifra Hendrie

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But paradoxically, this ‘lowest world’ is where allrepparttar action is. This isrepparttar 147611 only place whererepparttar 147612 purpose of Creation can be fulfilled. This is true because of our uniquely limited nature, because ofrepparttar 147613 fact that we feel sourceless, solid and alone. Only we physical beings haverepparttar 147614 potential to actually ‘relate’ to G-d, who is in fact, sourceless, and ‘alone’ -repparttar 147615 only reality.

Here’srepparttar 147616 paradox: As long as we are inrepparttar 147617 dark, blind to our source, we remainrepparttar 147618 ‘lowest world’, a world of darkness, suffering and evil.

But, when we begin to see through our own limitations to our source and purpose, we becomerepparttar 147619 highest. We will always maintainrepparttar 147620 sense of unique ‘selfness’ and solidity that makes us human, but this ‘selfness’ will be fully illuminated by something beyondrepparttar 147621 limitations of our human experience. We will gain a tangible awareness of G-d’s presence and purpose in every detail of our human lives. What initially concealedrepparttar 147622 truth will ultimately reveal it.

Through this process, this physical, ‘lowest’ world will becomerepparttar 147623 place where G-d is most fully expressed, His true home.

This transformation isrepparttar 147624 purpose of creation. You are here to take a world that is blind torepparttar 147625 truth, filled with darkness, negativity and evil, and transform it into a home for G-d. To reconnect with your source. To allowrepparttar 147626 light of your soul, andrepparttar 147627 awareness of your Creator, to shine throughrepparttar 147628 limitations of your solid, physical body and linear mind.

In embracing this mission, you will begin by transforming yourself and your environment. More and more, you will live a life that is an expression of your own highest potential. And in doing so, you will create an inhabitable world; a world that is a joy to live in, a true home.

This isrepparttar 147629 ultimate win-win. And, byrepparttar 147630 way, it’srepparttar 147631 ultimate reward. Kabbalah viewsrepparttar 147632 afterlife as a temporary stopping place between one incarnation andrepparttar 147633 next, where learning is processed, corrections made, andrepparttar 147634 soul cleansed and refreshed. The real reward is here, on earth, as evolved souls, in transformed bodies, in a transformed world. Sharing a home with G-d.

We are inrepparttar 147635 final stage ofrepparttar 147636 transformation process, atrepparttar 147637 end ofrepparttar 147638 millennia of darkness and separation. It is time to reconnect with our source. Our souls sense this, even if our consciousness is a step behind. That’s why so many of us are searchers. And that’s why forrepparttar 147639 first time,repparttar 147640 Divine wisdom of Kabbalah has been made available to ordinary people.

As a culture we have begunrepparttar 147641 transition from blindness and self-centeredness to wisdom and purpose. We are becoming searchers. It’s possible now – withrepparttar 147642 right knowledge and with sincere effort - to see throughrepparttar 147643 walls of our physical existence torepparttar 147644 true nature and purpose of life. To begin to knowrepparttar 147645 thoughts of G-d.

In this process, Kabbalah is our guide.

Kabbalah asrepparttar 147646 blueprint for Creation, isrepparttar 147647 inner spiritual process through which G-d creates, sustains and transforms our world. Since it isrepparttar 147648 blueprint, studying Kabbalah will automatically give you insights intorepparttar 147649 workings of your own soul andrepparttar 147650 world around you.

And, because we are enteringrepparttar 147651 climax of history,repparttar 147652 path of authentic Kabbalah has been opened to every person, Jewish or otherwise, who sincerely wishes to reach his highest potential as a human being created inrepparttar 147653 image of G-d.

As a side effect, it will change your world.

© Shifra Hendrie, Kabbalah of Transformation, 2005 www.kabbalahoftransformation.com

*Sincerepparttar 147654 Torah forbidsrepparttar 147655 erasing of G-d’s name, it’s customary to avoid writing it out in full.

Shifra Hendrie is a business and life coach. She works with spiritually-minded people to create breakthrough results in their lives, businesses and relationships through a unique combination of profound spiritual wisdom and cutting edge coaching techniques.

TO DOWNLOAD SHIFRA’S FASCINATING NEW BOOK, “Seven Kabbalah Secrets that Can Change Your Life”, free for a limited time only, go to www.KabbalahOfTransformation.com.

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