Justice will prevail!

Written by Terry L. Dashner

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What I believe.

I believe in God, country, and family. Each is sacred. Each must be preserved at all costs. To announce that God is dead is to killrepparttar soul. To say that our country is misguided is to cop out. To destroyrepparttar 119232 family is to weaken society beyond repair. I believe in Godrepparttar 119233 Father, Jesus Christ His only begotten Son, and His Holy Spirit. I believe that America will live or die by its relationship torepparttar 119234 Father in Heaven above. Spiritual awakening is imperative. I believerepparttar 119235 restoration ofrepparttar 119236 family unit through faith in Jesus Christ can change every institution in this great land—the first beingrepparttar 119237 local church body of Jesus Christ.

I believe in law and God’s order…The condemned must accept their fate and lay down their life for their victim’s sake. Young or old, men and women must continue to lay down their lives forrepparttar 119238 good of community (law enforcement, fire fighters, first responders, etc.), state (National Guard), and nation (military and public service). This isrepparttar 119239 way of civilization. This isrepparttar 119240 American way—to seek out honor at all costs, even if it cost my life.


Keeprepparttar 119241 faith. Justice will prevail!

writes American history articles that showcase our Christian heritage (918-451-0270).

The Attorney ~ The Latest Super Hero in a Society Gone Mad!

Written by Lawrence X. Young

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To become an attorney, candidate must have a bachelor degree of approximately three to four years duration in any field. Even postgraduate students have to study and attend law school for three years, in order to become an attorney. There are several options of fields at law school, most ofrepparttar students chooserepparttar 119231 most popular general law degree and not specialize in anything. That leads to broadening their option for a wide range of case load. They can also take suggestions from your mentors.

In today's world, an attorney is one ofrepparttar 119232 busiest and wealthiest occupations among others. With society's nonstop wanting to sue people for trivial things,repparttar 119233 attorney is obviously reapingrepparttar 119234 profit of this trend. So for how long will this go on? For how long can an attorney be given super hero status atrepparttar 119235 expense of eliminating everything life has to offer us in fear of a lawsuit. Will this always berepparttar 119236 case, isrepparttar 119237 question.

Lawrence X. Young has createdrepparttar 119238 Attorney Resource Information site Fair Attorney

Lawrence X. Young has created the Attorney Resource Information site. Fair Attorney

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