Just the Cold Hard Facts About Diets, Weight Loss, Exercise and Losing Fat.

Written by Nick A. James

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This is why men and women who participate even in light resistance exercises 2-3 times a week for 15-20 minutes almost always lose weight when they combine this with their weight loss program. This has been our observation overrepparttar last 10 years or so.

So to sum it up,repparttar 135516 formula to lose weight is fairly simple, following it is much more difficult.

Cut your excess carbs, eat more protein and do moderate exercise like walking and light resistance exercises like weights. Do this and control what you eat and you will lose weight.

Now there are a number of weight loss products onrepparttar 135517 market that can help facilitate your weight loss, but unless you are willing to do what we just mentioned, you will not achieve your total weight loss goal.

This is not to say particular products aren't effective as they may prevent you from adding additional pounds or even help you lose a few pounds. Also isrepparttar 135518 issue of carbs, we are not idiots here, we realize carbohydrates are used for energy. However,repparttar 135519 bottom line is most people consume much more carbohydrates then they need on a daily basis andrepparttar 135520 excess gets converted to fat. You knowrepparttar 135521 story.

As far as most weight loss products, most people have varying opinions. Here isrepparttar 135522 issue, most ofrepparttar 135523 reputable weight loss products work to a certain degree. The problem is most people look at them as miracle workers, that will allow them to continue to eat way too much (this is kinder than saying they eat like a pig), not exercise and expect to lose weight onrepparttar 135524 product. So atrepparttar 135525 end of 30 or 60 days they weight or measure themselves and think that product sucked, as they didn't lose anything. Meanwhile they conveniently forget their lifestyle over that period.

This is why recording eating habits in a journal is so effective and why it is recommended.

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Tips For Cooking Low Carb

Written by Lee Dobbins

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4. Use Splenda instead of sugar. Recipes that call for sugar can be modified to use Splenda instead. It is much lighter so you will have to expirement with it and it may not work for everything but if does bake up nice forrepparttar most part.

5. Make great smoothies with low carb yogurt. Ok, well itís not technically cooking, but if you love smoothies you can make them with low carb yogurt and fruit. Just make sure you use fruit that is low in carbs andrepparttar 135457 whole fruit notrepparttar 135458 juice asrepparttar 135459 fiber will help keep downrepparttar 135460 net carbs. Check my site below for a list of low carb fruits. Add a dash of vanilla or flavored syrup torepparttar 135461 smoothie for added flavor.

6. For a great low carb pasta substitute use spaghetti squash. We all know that low carb pasta tastes horrible so why not try a food that is low in carbs and natural too. Cutrepparttar 135462 squash in half and bake at 400 degrees F for about 40 minutes. The squash will scrape out in strings and givesrepparttar 135463 texture and feeling of spaghetti. Trust me, it taste a lot better thanrepparttar 135464 low carb pasta and has about 7 grams carbs per 1 cup serving.

Lee Dobbins is owner and editor of Low Carb Resource a site which features articles on low carb and low glycemic index eating and where you can find a collection of low carb recipes

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