Just Say No to "No"

Written by Tony Hendra

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Our economy revolves around lunch. Lunch, forrepparttar early-jogging hard-charger, isrepparttar 118300 first meal ofrepparttar 118301 day. Appetites sharpen; greed is at its peak. People make deals at lunch because they're hungry. But mere deals are not enough. What boosts economies into orbit are insane ideas - inventing an oven that will cook things in minutes; putting electronic asteroids in space; developing a pill to prevent pregnancy; creating a set of man and woman dolls who own allrepparttar 118302 things real people do; using money a company hasn't yet earned to buy it now -repparttar 118303 kind of ideas that seem demented if you're drinking fruit juice but make complete sense ifrepparttar 118304 juice has been fermented.

For money to be made, someone has to say to someone else "Yes." And for lots of money to be made, someone has to scream "Yes! Yes! Yes!," whoop, holler, high-five, clink glasses and throw bread atrepparttar 118305 other tables. What maderepparttar 118306 Fifties' economy fizz wasn't good old family values. It wasrepparttar 118307 three-martini lunch.

Businessmen present themselves as clear-eyed conservatives who have studiedrepparttar 118308 figures and maderepparttar 118309 most cost-effective, risk-reward balance, optimized, rationalized decision. In reality, recklessness is atrepparttar 118310 very heart of capitalism;repparttar 118311 gravy train is a runaway, and Casey Jones is inrepparttar 118312 cab. No one in his right mind would invest in a tenth ofrepparttar 118313 things capitalists invest in. That's why now, when we're all in our right minds, zip is happening. No economy ever fizzed on carbonated water.

Sorepparttar 118314 next time you find yourself lunching with a trio of smug, clear-eyed joy-buzzards, say "yes" to that Cosmopolitan Martini. Chances are one of them will crack and say "yes" too. Then they all will, andrepparttar 118315 money is as good as inrepparttar 118316 bank. And if they don't, who wants their gutless, bloodless, plodding, namby-pamby, scaredy-cat, pussyfooting business, anyway?

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You're not paranoid -- the house really hates you!

Written by Cathy Goodwin, PhD

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If you seem particularly gullible, (e.g.,repparttar house senses that youíre new to this game), your appliances may joinrepparttar 118299 fun. I am absolutely positiverepparttar 118300 once-faithful refrigerator sent out a message: "How about this, guys. Letís really confuse everybody. Iíll put out a leak, sendrepparttar 118301 water over torepparttar 118302 sink, and theyíll think itís a big pipe inrepparttar 118303 wall. After theyíve poked a few holes theyíll realize itís time to wake up that sleeping repairman!" And one day my security system kept getting an "Open Door" signal even whenrepparttar 118304 door was firmly locked. The tech found nothing wrong and it never happened again. My lawn service person knows how to workrepparttar 118305 system: Let Them Know Whoís Boss. After he cut backrepparttar 118306 hedges and pulled some over-aggressive vines that were trying to take overrepparttar 118307 property,repparttar 118308 bushes stopped sulking and started putting out nice flowers. They knew what would happen if they didnít. Iíve been told that, after a year or so,repparttar 118309 house realizes youíre here to stay. Your new list of reliable helpers canít be fooled as easily as you were inrepparttar 118310 beginning. And youíve emptied your bank account to create a peace offering -- a new floor or a paint job or a screen door. "Every so often," Iím told, "you even get thirty days with no service calls. But after six months or so,repparttar 118311 house gets bored and itíll start all over again." One thing is certain. In your houseís "Loserepparttar 118312 Owner" contest, thereís one simple rule. Whoever costsrepparttar 118313 most, wins.

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