Just Over Broke

Written by Bob Osgoodby

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Withrepparttar exception of a na´ve minority, people are "savvy" enough to avoidrepparttar 127584 majority of these scams. So, if you want to get into business onrepparttar 127585 Net, use some common sense and do some "due diligence" investigation before jumping in with both feet .

Do some people make money onrepparttar 127586 Net? Sure - but guess what? They work for it. Some may tell you that JOB is a dirty word and stands for "Just Over Broke". Working for yourself is hard work if you want to succeed. You must run your "Home Business" withrepparttar 127587 same discipline you would use in any other.

You must advertise, advertise, advertise - if people don't know you're there, how do you expect them to find you to do business? Be prepared to work 60 to 70 hours a week or more if it is a full time venture.

But how about those who needrepparttar 127588 financial security of their job, while trying to develop their online business - can they hope to succeed? Yes! But they have to put in their effort inrepparttar 127589 evenings and on weekends. They have to approach it withrepparttar 127590 same attitude as someone doing it full time.

There are a lot of good opportunities "just ripe forrepparttar 127591 picking" out there. If you avoidrepparttar 127592 obvious scams, and do some "due diligence" investigation, you will find one. Ifrepparttar 127593 first few don't work for you, don't lose heart. Be sure you give it enough time and effort before giving up. If you are sure it won't, "cut your losses" and move on to something else. It may take some time to find a "fit", but when you do, it will be worth your time and effort.

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Read the Fine Print

Written by Bob Osgoodby

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After a few days passed, he checked with his Bank, andrepparttar money still hadn't arrived. He again calledrepparttar 127583 Credit Card Company, was told thatrepparttar 127584 information requested was never received, and they were canceling his account, which they did. He then called his customers and sure enough, their accounts were charged forrepparttar 127585 amount ofrepparttar 127586 merchandise he delivered.

Now -repparttar 127587 plot sickens. He is outrepparttar 127588 $334.95 forrepparttar 127589 referral fee andrepparttar 127590 set up fee no matter what happens. In readingrepparttar 127591 "fine print"repparttar 127592 company can hold his money for 180 days. Will he get his money then? Maybe - ifrepparttar 127593 company is still in business . Inrepparttar 127594 meantime, his money is most likely in an interest bearing account, andrepparttar 127595 company will walk away withrepparttar 127596 interest plus his $295. Atrepparttar 127597 end ofrepparttar 127598 waiting period, if they pay himrepparttar 127599 charges they are withholding,repparttar 127600 company has acted properly as far asrepparttar 127601 law is concerned.

Sounds like small potatoes until you multiply this by several thousand people. Now,repparttar 127602 AG will probably not get involved if they returnrepparttar 127603 money 6 months from now - they did nothing illegal, and they cancelled his account for cause.

Will they get a bad rep - sure - and people will stop doing business with them. But as this article is being written, this particular sales agent is now operating under a different name, and spamming new suckers.

Now pay attention - First, ignorerepparttar 127604 email spams you get from people promising to process credit cards on your behalf. They are simply independant sales agents, and cannot bindrepparttar 127605 actual company to anything, no matter what they promise.

Second, do a little homework - how long hasrepparttar 127606 company been around? Can you get contact information from some of their clients who are using their service? Are these real people or simply shills working forrepparttar 127607 company?

Third, and most important, readrepparttar 127608 fine print - better yet, have your lawyer reviewrepparttar 127609 contract.

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