Just Imagine!

Written by jim Peters

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4. There would be people on every street corner giving away just about anything you can name, homes, cars, groceries, medical insurance, swimming pools, and on and on and on. Of course, if you want to live inrepparttar house you'll need to purchaserepparttar 118264 "Pro Version" that actually includesrepparttar 118265 lot to put it on. If you really want to enjoy living in that house you might considerrepparttar 118266 "Super Pro Package" that includes your choice of 12 different furniture packages. And then there'srepparttar 118267 Mega Super Pro Package that will locate your house, your lot andrepparttar 118268 furnishings outside, of Siberia.

How about that great sounding health insurance that guy inrepparttar 118269 clown suit is hollering about, it really sounds like something we could use. Well, it sounded good until I needed to use it for something besides ingrown toe nail surgery. After I gotrepparttar 118270 aboverepparttar 118271 neck plugin,repparttar 118272 belowrepparttar 118273 neck upgrade andrepparttar 118274 respiratory package I was paying $100 a month more for my "free insurance" than I was forrepparttar 118275 insurance I had to buy.

Yup, just Imagine!

"Your Success Is Our Success"


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The Day My 10th Board Exam Results were announced

Written by Vijay Chidambaram

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You see, in my school, they have already given me a seat forrepparttar 11th standard, based on my good performance throughoutrepparttar 118263 year (I study fairly well). So all I have to do is maintainrepparttar 118264 marks I secured in my school inrepparttar 118265 Board exam. It seems only I understand this... I am gradually converting my parents to this view…

Imagine this painful scenario. A geust, whom I am meeting forrepparttar 118266 first time, comes to my house. The minute he finds out that I have just finished tenth standard, he will ask for my marks. I will tell him thatrepparttar 118267 total is 974. Immediately he will ask me if it is 974/1000. I have to painfully remind him that it is 974/1100. Then he will ask whyrepparttar 118268 mark is not higher and then he will lecture me …. And I have met him forrepparttar 118269 first time!!!

So I see, this is why, after my results come out, it is going to be very painfall for me for a few weeks…. Gradually, due torepparttar 118270 great healer, time, people will forget about me and my marks… and I can continue my life.

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