Just A Little Advice... Part 1

Written by Terri Seymour

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PLAN & ORGANIZE your time. With an online business, there is a lot of work and details to stick to and writing a schedule will help you keep your time organized so all your work gets done. if you do not takerepparttar time to plan out your work, you will begin to feel overwhelmed and then you are more apt to become discouraged and feel like giving up. http://www.organizetips.com/

BUILD YOURSELF and your reputation and then build your business. You must establish yourself as someone who knows what they are doing and can be trusted. Once this is done, business will begin to grow.

BE PASSIONATE about yourself and your business. Your passion and excitement will show through to others and will reflect on your business. Your passion will also help you to keep going onrepparttar 117878 days when you feel like giving up. http://www.5passions.com/

ASK FOR HELP. Do not be afraid to ask questions. There are many others who have been in your shoes and would be glad to answer your questions and help when they can. I have made many friends and built many relationships just be asking questions of others. I have also learned a lot!

BUILD RELATIONSHIPS with your customers and fellow netpreneurs. Ask for your potential customers participation on your site or in your ezine. Let them get to know you and to feel comfortable with you and your business. You can build lasting personal and business relationships without actually meeting someone. http://www.utdallas.edu/student/slife/counseling/relation.html

NEVER STOP LEARNING! Things are always moving and changing onrepparttar 117879 web and you have to keep on top of things. Never think that you know all you need to know. There is always more to learn!

SET GOALS that you can stick to. Divide your main goal into smaller goals or steps. By attaining these smaller goals, you will gain confidence and become more passionate about repparttar 117880 next goal.

In part 2 of Just A Little Advice..., I will talk about building and maintaining a website and promoting your business. I hope some of this advice will help you to learn more and to get your business going.

Terri Seymour owns and operates MyOwnEzine.com MyOwnEzine.com is a website, ezine and service which provides the resources, tools, guidance and more to help you start, publish and promote your own ezine. You can contact Terri at mailto:ter02@newnorth.net Subscribe at mailto:subscribe@myownezine.com or visit http://www.myownezine.com for lots more info.

Are You Up Soaring With The Eagles? Or ... Not?

Written by Ron Knowlton

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And he did!

Imagine being within two or three merit badges ... and then ... stopping!

It happens allrepparttar time.

Online -repparttar 117877 business owner has a web site. And a newsletter.

Success, however, is slow in coming ... too slow!

The immediate results that we want - don't come - and so we give up!

Even when we are only within an arm's length of success. (We just don't see it that way.)

Butrepparttar 117878 eagle is able to refocus! With strong talons and "eagle eyes" - it searches for what it wants, grabs hold, then swooshes back up intorepparttar 117879 air.

And so must we!

The success stories are often slow in coming.

The opt-in mailing list for a newsletter (or ezine) takes time to grow.

The traffic to a web site seems to take forever to build.

Some seerepparttar 117880 lack of immediate results and give up.

Butrepparttar 117881 "Eagle" persists and refocuses. Soonrepparttar 117882 online business is generating a profit. Soonrepparttar 117883 rewards come.

It's simple ...

So many could get there ...

But onlyrepparttar 117884 "eagle" ever really does!

Ron Knowlton is the founding editor at http://www.soaringprofits.com/ Subscribe to "Articles To Boost Your Success Online!"

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