Jump-Starting a New Ezine

Written by Gail Hornback

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2. Join an Ad Co-op.

An Ad Co-op is a service (free to publishers) that sends you subscribers, in return for you running their classified ad. These folks have agreed to subscribe to your ezine. You have agreed to run their classified ad.

Two ofrepparttar best of these are:

2Bucks An Ad http://hop.clickbank.net/hop.cgi?webworks/paaads

10Dollars20ads.com http://hop.clickbank.net/?webworks/cashgalore

Note: The subscribers you get from these programs are not quite as valuable, percentage-wise asrepparttar 124310 ones that choose to sign up from your site, or from an ezine directory. Many use yahoo and hotmail addresses to collectrepparttar 124311 ezines, and may never see your issue. BUT, once again, it is all inrepparttar 124312 numbers. You WILL gain some loyal subscribers from these.

3. Install a Popup.

Yes, we know, there is a lot of muttering about popups aroundrepparttar 124313 internet. BUT, facts are, we, and many others have seenrepparttar 124314 largest increase in subscriber sign-ups after installing one. They don't have to be intrusive. A well- done popup can get some amazing results. (Especially when combined with #4 below!)

Installing a popup is somewhat of an advanced technique for your site. But we do have an article with instructions. If you would like a copy, just send an email to: mailto:gailh@cmymtc.com?subject=popup

4. Give away a gift for Subscribing.

Giving away a gift to your new subscribers can work for you in more than one way. First of all, it can obviously work as an incentive to subscribe, if you are providing a gift that has value and usefulness. Secondly, if you are giving away a gift (ebook or software) that contains information about you and your site, then you are doubling its marketing value.

Ultimately, you want to work towardrepparttar 124315 goal of creating your own unique give-a-way product. One you can give away, AND provide to others to give away. (This is called Viral marketing.) But, realistically, if you are just getting started as a publisher, you may not be ready for this. So, give away someone else's product! There are many available that allow you to insert your site information in a prominent spot onrepparttar 124316 front page, or screen. (Called Co-Branding.)

Here at CMYMTC we offer our subscribers a series of Ebusiness Easy Guides, which are also co-brandable. (http://makemoneyhowto.com/brandform.htm)

There are many other ways that you can add torepparttar 124317 numbers game of ezine promotion. These few mentioned here will give you a jump-start onrepparttar 124318 whole process. Take things a step at a time. Learnrepparttar 124319 ropes as you go, and keep adding more to your numbers!!

An ezine publisher's job is never finished. If you can accept that challenge, then you will be successful!

Gail Hornback is owner of WebWorksAtHome.com , http://webworksathome.com and partners with Michael Smith in Coyote Marketing, (CM/YMTC), where you can get Your Own 4-page customizable E-Business Website For Pocket Change. Learn HOW to Launch Your Own E-Business, NOT someone else's mirror site! http://cmymtc.com/index1.htm

Turn your FREE eZine into a money-maker, tip 3

Written by Terry Telford

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http://www.netterweb.com http://www.ezinearticles.com http://www.makingprofit.com http://www.ideamarketers.com

By allowing other eZine publishers to use your work, you gain unlimited exposure for your products and affiliate programs.

Make sure you include a tag line atrepparttar end of your article. This is your mini ad. Write it as if you were writing a classified ad.

4. Product Reviews - Set up a section in your eZine to review products and services that you represent. Make your review honest and unbiased (as unbiased as possible).

Include information such as why you likerepparttar 124309 product, what makes it superior to other products inrepparttar 124310 same category,repparttar 124311 cost and how you are using it. You may even want to include a rating code using stars or a 1- 10 scale.

5. Recommended sites to visit - Here you can give a list of sites that you use on a regular basis. These can be your affiliate sites that you are generating an income from. You don't even have to use much commentary here, you can simply listrepparttar 124312 name ofrepparttar 124313 site,repparttar 124314 purpose andrepparttar 124315 URL.

6. Signature file - This one is a must. Make sure you include a signature file with all of your ezines. You can userepparttar 124316 same one that you include with your email, or a totally new one. Here isrepparttar 124317 signature file that I use with everything I send out.

Terry Telford Senior Partner bpc Publishing http://www.bpcpublishing.com ------------------------------------------------- Grab 1000's of FREE hits for your site every day http://www.roibot.com/w.cgi?R57540_003 ------------------------------------------------- FREE interactive manual reveals How to make money sensibly onrepparttar 124318 internet. http://www.roibot.com/w.cgi?R57540_004 ------------------------------------------------- Grow your downline at lightning speed http://www.roibot.com/w.cgi?R57540_005 -------------------------------------------------

7. Editorial comment - This one is quite possibly your biggest asset. Your readers trust you and value your opinion. If they didn't they would have unsubscribed. Recommendrepparttar 124319 products and programs that you use. Don't be shy, let them know what is working and how you maximizerepparttar 124320 results. And make sure you tell them where to go :) I'm talking aboutrepparttar 124321 URL ;)

Publishing an eZine is a challenging and rewarding experience. It can also be a profitable one. The tips in these articles are designed to help you generate an income with your FREE eZine, but don't stop here. Use your imagination and go wild. Your income is only limited by your creativity. I heard an expressionrepparttar 124322 other day that sums it all up. Whatever you believe, you can achieve.

Good luck and God bless.

Terry Telford is the founder of bpc publishing and Editor of The Marketing Pack Journal. Discover how you can increase your sales by 1200% when you subscribe to The Marketing Pack Journal. Visit http://www.bpcpublishing.com/newsletter.htm

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