July Garden Chores

Written by Sandra Wilson

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If you have carnations in your garden whererepparttar calyx has a bad habit of splitting, try these old time fixes. That'srepparttar 146362 green portions that surroundsrepparttar 146363 petals. First stake each individual stem upright so it will not bend over. If that doesn't work try putting tiny rubber bands aroundrepparttar 146364 calyx to prevent splitting. It could be fun explaining to guests your gardening technique here.

Keep watering, weeding and puttingrepparttar 146365 mulch onrepparttar 146366 soil torepparttar 146367 proper depth around your flowers, shrubs and trees as described in other articles on our website. Heedrepparttar 146368 warnings in those articles as well.

Roses have chores that should be done this month too. Be onrepparttar 146369 look out for suckers coming fromrepparttar 146370 roses in your garden. Where roses grow on their own roots, maybe reared from cuttings, there should be no suckers at all. But many roses we buy have been grafted to a stronger root stock and sometimes this root stock will send out suckers. Any suckers fromrepparttar 146371 roots, or fromrepparttar 146372 stem belowrepparttar 146373 graft, should be removed as far belowrepparttar 146374 surface ofrepparttar 146375 soil as possible carefully. (You may wish you could remove other suckers from your life as easily as with your gardening.)

Also, at this time, rose budding can be done. It is a very interesting project. There are many points to learn and do. These are:repparttar 146376 right stage at which to take a bud, how to trimrepparttar 146377 bud, how to makerepparttar 146378 cut forrepparttar 146379 bud and where, how to insertrepparttar 146380 bud and how to secure it. This topic will be covered in our gardening tips more fully at another time.

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How to make your Backyard a Wonderland Oasis

Written by Robert Gravestock

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Outdoor garden decor is as reliant on lighting as it is on comfortable, all weather furnishings. After all, you want to be able to enjoy your beautiful outdoor living room inrepparttar evenings too. Thoughrepparttar 145750 most impressive lighting systems can be very expensive in ground, electrical solutions,repparttar 145751 experts at Backyard Wonderland want to remind you that sometimes simple, old fashioned candlelight isrepparttar 145752 most romantic and beautiful lighting of all.

For those with outdoor gazebos, or trees with limbs strong and low,repparttar 145753 selection of a candle-bearing chandelier can be breathtakingly beautiful. Similarly, tea-candle lanterns, hung on low branches create mysterious and romantic lightscaping. Asian lanterns, with frosted glass panels, and Moroccan lanterns, with colored glass panels, create environments simultaneously festive and romantic.

Of course, nothing beats a set of impressive table-top candlesticks. Strong carved wooden options, standing over a foot tall, make any outdoor dining experience more formal instantly. Brass, bronze, and metal sticks convey style and strength, and make dramatic impact. Ornate candle centerpieces set a beautiful table, and can be either fancy in polished metals, or whimsical in novelty designs.

Statuary is not relegated only to outdoor environments. A beautiful bronze statue inrepparttar 145754 style of Remington, Rodin, or Michelangelo always makes an impressive statement in living and dining rooms. Patriotic sculptures and statues, too, are enjoying new-found popularity.

Robert Gravestock Backyard Wonderland

In today's economy, finding beauty at a price one can afford is difficult. Providing our customers with this opportunity is our highest priority. At Backyard Wonderland, we strive to offer our customers the finest backyard accessories at the lowest possible prices and first-rate customer service.

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