Journal Your Stress Away

Written by Doreene Clement

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Another journaling idea is to define what is causingrepparttar stress: Whatever or whomever.

For example - "Bob really bugs me when he misses deadlines." Or - "I never have enough time to fit it all in, family, friends, work, fun." Or - "I am in way over my head on this project."

Next in your journal write about and definerepparttar 145001 why.

"When Bob misses deadlines it makes me look bad. I can't enjoy my weekends when Bob has a project due on Monday, because I keep worrying Bob won't come through."

Then ask why again to those answers, and write them down. "I hate to look bad in front of my peers. It is embarrassing to me. I don't like to be embarrassed. I don't need/deserve that."

Then ask why again. Keep writing, then asking why to those answers. What can be found isrepparttar 145002 real reason(s) forrepparttar 145003 stress. Afterrepparttar 145004 reason(s) are revealed then processingrepparttar 145005 root ofrepparttar 145006 stress is easier to address. Then journal about those feelings.

Journaling is something we can all give to ourselves. Find a quiet time inrepparttar 145007 day, and a quiet place to journal. Setrepparttar 145008 journal where you will see it every day. Using a notebook, a blank book, a favorite journal, or a computer, any of these all serve as outlets for expression of stress. Through journaling we use that outlet of expression to help us see, process and understand our stress. Through journalingrepparttar 145009 toll stress takes can be reduced or eliminated.

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The Most Beautiful Flowers

Written by Gary Gresham

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