Joshian Quotations

Written by Dr Kedar Joshi

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Itís an intriguing mistake to think thatrepparttar oldest civilisation hasrepparttar 143178 greatest wisdom.

Tolerance is basically a tricky way of minimising once own sufferings.

The world exists to let Man philosophise.

The virtue of an American isrepparttar 143179 minimisation ofrepparttar 143180 exploitation of his brain and his vice isrepparttar 143181 maximisation of those of others.

The story ofrepparttar 143182 world is necessarily and exclusively a story of exploitation and its future would be no different.

Doubt is an eternal nightmare of wisdom.

Nature, by its very nature, is brutal and partial. However, Man has somehow managed to transformrepparttar 143183 nature of its brutality and partiality.

Man is a philosophical animal.

Atrepparttar 143184 heart of history there is a revolution.

The only way to be rich is to assume yourself to be poor.

The tragedy ofrepparttar 143185 world lies inrepparttar 143186 fact that white is smart but bad and black is good but mad.

Whenever I see suffering inrepparttar 143187 world I tend to be a solipsist.

Truth is an appearance.

Evenrepparttar 143188 greatest, deepest, and purest form of love is essentially an expression of exploitation.

Everything inrepparttar 143189 world is capable of arousing all sorts of emotions.

The most rational thing aboutrepparttar 143190 universe is that it is fundamentally irrational.

At its heartrepparttar 143191 universe has no reason.

The universe is a gigantic non-spatial computer.

The inducer ofrepparttar 143192 greatest romantic feeling isrepparttar 143193 deepest philosophical question.

Even God is deceived byrepparttar 143194 unthinkable.

There are three paths to heavens: music, love, and philosophy. Music isrepparttar 143195 shortest butrepparttar 143196 least pleasant one. Love isrepparttar 143197 moderate one. And philosophy isrepparttar 143198 longest butrepparttar 143199 most pleasant one.

Allrepparttar 143200 world is a game of mind,repparttar 143201 mind which ultimately goes wrong.

God isrepparttar 143202 pseudo-governor of morality.

The answer torepparttar 143203 greatest question is that it is unanswerable.

Man is a racist animal.

Creator of Superultramodern Science & Philosophy.

Articles That Sizzle - Top Ten Topics

Written by Sharon Jacobsen

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Get typing and do your bit to bring health and vitality to those around you.

Article ideas include:

* Alternative therapies * What isrepparttar "Body Mass Index"? * Healthy weight loss * Loweringrepparttar 143004 risk of heart disease and * Low fat cooking

6. Making Money

This is one that'll never go out of fashion! No matter where inrepparttar 143005 world you are, there will be always people interested in making money.

Think ofrepparttar 143006 stay-at-home parent who's looking for ways to help top-uprepparttar 143007 family income. What advice would you give to him or her? And what about those women who are trying to juggle a career and family without falling apart? Do you have any tips to help them cope?

What about those who are looking for a job? They're out to make money, too. What advice would you give somebody before going to an interview? How should they go about writing a CV?

And then there's saving money. As they say, a penny saved is a penny made.

Article ideas include:

* How to dress for an interview * Making money onrepparttar 143008 Internet * Running a business from home * Tax saving tips * How to find cheap flights and * Generating an income from your hobby

7. Food and Drink

We eat every day. More often than not, we eat several times a day.

Eating isn't simply a means of survival. Everything fromrepparttar 143009 preparation of a meal to actually eating it can be a fun and enjoyable task.

Whether for basic meals or for something more out ofrepparttar 143010 ordinary, advice and tips on how to make food and drink more interesting always make popular articles and there are lots of food related traditions and festivals aroundrepparttar 143011 world that can make interesting articles, too. Article ideas include:

* Healthy lunch packs for kids * Successful dinner parties * How to ice a cake * Brew your own beer * Meals for vegetarians and * How to choose wine

8. Weddings

Every day, thousands of couples all overrepparttar 143012 globe saying "I do", making weddings a market that simply never dries up.

A plethora of services are available to helprepparttar 143013 engaged couple plan their wedding and forrepparttar 143014 writer, each and every service is also a subject to write about.

Article ideas include:

* Why employ a professional wedding planner? * Displaying wedding photographs * Scrap-booking your wedding * Weddings on a budget * How to choose a dress that will suit your figure * The role ofrepparttar 143015 best man and * Wedding day hairstyles and/or make-up

9. Crafts and DIY

People love making things.

Whether it's a quilt to be given as a gift and heirloom, a toy forrepparttar 143016 baby ofrepparttar 143017 family or a full set of kitchen cupboards, somebody out there will want to make it.

Article ideas include:

* Re-vamping old furniture * Using paint effects * The basic toolbox everybody should have * Flower arranging * How to hang wallpaper and * Gifts to make on a budget

10. Self Improvement

People are always searching for ways of improving their lives and that often means looking inward and solving problems within themselves.

From improving self-confidence to increasing spiritual awareness, self improvement is a popular subject, especially amongst women.

Article ideas include:

* Speak up and be heard * Meditation: How it can help you understand yourself * Bring outrepparttar 143018 leader in you * How to get what you really want * Improving your communication skills and * Disposing of emotional baggage

So there you have them. In no particular order,repparttar 143019 top ten most sought after topics to help you write articles that your editors will love.

Sharon Jacobsen is a freelance writing living in South Cheshire, England with her partner and however many of her three children happen to be living at home at any given time. To contact Sharon, please visit her website at

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