Joseph of Arimathaea - Part One:

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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Benjamin was one ofrepparttar Twelve Tribes of Israel and was in some way special. It was also powerful. God was somehow inrepparttar 138051 Tribe of Benjamin. In Deuteronomy 33, Moses says ofrepparttar 138052 Tribe of Benjamin: 'The beloved ofrepparttar 138053 Lord shall dwell in safety by him; andrepparttar 138054 Lord shall cover him allrepparttar 138055 day long, and he shall dwell between his shoulders.'...

{There is another author who notes a proximity of Cyprus to Almathea. This may be a Phoenician closeness asrepparttar 138056 Cypriots ofrepparttar 138057 time were almost always Phoenician and it probably relates to one ofrepparttar 138058 cities ofrepparttar 138059 nearby Levant. Could it be Ashkelon or such a port city as we showed in 'Science' fromrepparttar 138060 National Geographic? Atrepparttar 138061 time of Joseph and Jesus Bradley makes a good point for them having influence on Mt. Tabor andrepparttar 138062 cities now called Cana and Nazareth.}

But it came to pass that most ofrepparttar 138063 Benjaminites left Palestine, and this was because of a civil war amongrepparttar 138064 Israelites. The Tribe of Benjamin came into conflict withrepparttar 138065 other eleven Tribes becauserepparttar 138066 Benjaminites were apparently allied withrepparttar 138067 'Sons of Belial' {The Keltic god 'Bel' which became Ba'al, and we know from many sources is Phoenician.} and would not attempt to impose Israelite laws and customs upon them. This war is covered in Judges 21 inrepparttar 138068 Bible. The result was that most ofrepparttar 138069 Benjaminites left Palestine, or were expelled byrepparttar 138070 victorious eleven Tribes.

{Did Hitler know this and make a differentiation? Did he think of himself as part Benjaminite and wanting to seek revenge? His birth name is Schicklgruber andrepparttar 138071 anti-Semitic sentiment was politically expedient to his purposes, but he is acknowledged to be 1/16th Jewish. This is true even if he father was not a Rothschild illegitimate which he was according to The Mind of Adolf Hitler: The Secret Wartime Report and other sources. The Rothschilds and Rockefellers are well aware of their Benjaminite roots, I suggest. Butrepparttar 138072 official biographies make no mention of these controversies, even though they admit Nathan Rothschild made and enormous fortune in league withrepparttar 138073 British crown in Treasury trading onrepparttar 138074 occasion ofrepparttar 138075 Battle of Waterloo, when their secret agents gave them insider information.}

The 'Sons of Belial' with whomrepparttar 138076 Benjaminites were allied, or against whom they refused to go to war in order to enforce Israelite customs, were none other thanrepparttar 138077 Phoenicians of Tyre and Sidon,repparttar 138078 'red-headed' ones who were 'proto-Celts'. It is possible thatrepparttar 138079 Benjaminites were related to these coastal people {We know Jesus was because Solomon's father-in-law was Hiram of Tyre, who plays an import- ant role in Masonic history or lore. We saw Jeze-BEL was too, fromrepparttar 138080 authors of 'Carthage'. We knowrepparttar 138081 father of Biblical Archaeology saysrepparttar 138082 Bible isrepparttar 138083 Phoenician literary legacy we can thank them for. We are sure there was a cover-up!}. They certainly had some affinity with them, and refused to go to war against them.

Atrepparttar 138084 same time,repparttar 138085 Benjaminites had a very great holding in Palestine, a tract including major Israelite cities and Jerusalem. Then,repparttar 138086 mere fact that they were able to consider a war against allrepparttar 138087 other Tribes must mean thatrepparttar 138088 Tribe called Benjaminites must have beenrepparttar 138089 single most powerful tribe inrepparttar 138090 Israelite confederacy as well as being somehow 'different'.

The Old Testament has been doctored to reflectrepparttar 138091 cohesion and greatness ofrepparttar 138092 Hebrews, just asrepparttar 138093 New Testament has been doctored to distort certain embarrassing relationships.

{We have quoted lots of Rabbis and scholars who support this assertion.}

The Tribe of Benjamin, which had some special divine dispensation and significant geographical holdings, 'may not have been withinrepparttar 138094 Semitic mainstream at all'. {Or a different 'mainstream' than 'his'- story does recount.} They may have had closer genetic relationship torepparttar 138095 'Sons of Belial' whom they refused to fight…” (7)

Author of Diverse Druids Columnist in The ES Press Magazine guest writer


Written by Irvin L. Rozier

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Hast thou entered intorepparttar treasures of snow God asked this question to Job, you know The ground was warm yetrepparttar 137990 snow was cold God owns everything,repparttar 137991 silver andrepparttar 137992 gold

The beauty displayed by God inrepparttar 137993 bow Encouraged my heart as my faith in him did grow The snow onrepparttar 137994 ground was pure and white Like Jesus his son, he isrepparttar 137995 truth andrepparttar 137996 light

Irvin L. Rozier

Author of My Walk with the Lord,, preacher, retired military

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