Joseph Brant and The Hegelian Dialectic

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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Couldrepparttar 'hiderepparttar 145623 ball' campaign or technique that keeps our attention away fromrepparttar 145624 real problem and lack of freedom, such asrepparttar 145625 'Red Scare' (Palmer Raids) or spread of communism be taken over by anti-smoking and ecology? I'm surerepparttar 145626 people inrepparttar 145627 trenches of these battles are good people who have no ulterior motive. But my question is worth thinking about onrepparttar 145628 road to establishing priorities, I hope. The highest level of engineering whererepparttar 145629 greatest evolution has occurred might be inrepparttar 145630 field of 'social engineering' and polite political intrigue. This is one area of human development that I see no ancient gift and intent to develop into greater adeptness, untilrepparttar 145631 myth-making ofrepparttar 145632 Mediterranean patriarchs or what Jung callsrepparttar 145633 'Ur-stories'. From that point forward things have taken a far more Synarchistic tyrannical turn. The relationship of Onassis and Winston Churchill is one that I find most intriguing but no greater thanrepparttar 145634 Iroquois roots ofrepparttar 145635 Randolphs or Churchills. The Indian name of Joseph Brant tells us his father understood what position his son would have to take.

Inrepparttar 145636 tradition ofrepparttar 145637 Mediwiwin Society of pre-Columbian Masons in America andrepparttar 145638 genetically proven Sioux to Iroquois Haplogroup X trackers showing they are white, we have Joseph Brant who is a proud Mason. Churchill is related to him; and because Churchill was also a Druid and Mason among other things includingrepparttar 145639 Rhodes outgrowth of Illuminism, it gets interesting to see this. Of course, one must remember that Thomas Paine said Masonry is based onrepparttar 145640 'sun’ {son} worship of Druidry and thatrepparttar 145641 Adams Dragons are in this too. This is taken fromrepparttar 145642 respected official Masonic site of British Columbia andrepparttar 145643 Yukon.

“1742 - November 2, 1807

The Mohawk Thayendanegea, also known as Joseph Brant, served as Principle Chief ofrepparttar 145644 Six Nations Indians, a Christian missionary ofrepparttar 145645 Anglican church, and a British military officer duringrepparttar 145646 U.S. War of Independence.

Brant was born in 1742 near what is now Akron, Ohio and givenrepparttar 145647 Mohawk name of Thayendanegea, meaning "he places two bets." {N.B.} He inheritedrepparttar 145648 status of Mohawk Chief from his father.

A student of Latin and Greek, he helped translate Mark's Gospel into Mohawk. Withrepparttar 145649 help ofrepparttar 145650 Iroquois, he fought forrepparttar 145651 British againstrepparttar 145652 American colonists. Afterrepparttar 145653 war he led his people to what is now Ontario, Canada. Joseph Brant died in Burlington, Upper Canada on November 2, 1807. The story of his rescuing a Continental soldier may be apocryphal.” (6) "Apocryphal" perhaps but it is also evidence of his connection with a media spin which makes his people accepted on both sides.

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Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Higher Taxes

Written by J.J. Jackson

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Now, because of these five renegadesrepparttar state can come in, look at your land and your nice $200,000 home which is well kept and paid for and say to you “Sorry, but Developer XYZ has promised us that if we give him your land he can build $1,000,000 worth of real estate so we are taking your land.”

These judges have opened themselves and their fellow travelers up for all Americans to plainly see. They are for nothing exceptrepparttar 145371 awesome power of government controlled by themselves. The Constitution be damned inrepparttar 145372 minds of these self important judges that have declared themselves gods overrepparttar 145373 American citizenry. And it is liberals that run around claiming that it is conservatives that want to take awayrepparttar 145374 rights of Americans? Sorry, but that dog won’t hunt any more!

The Coming Fight:

I do not say lightly that we are officially a hair’s breath away from a revolution because of this decision. I do not say lightly that I believe that this ruling may well indeed result in bloodshed. The most liberal, progressive judges onrepparttar 145375 court have drawn us to this point.

The 5th Amendment is dead and it died on a beautiful summer’s day in 2005. And it died with little fanfare and without much of a struggle from Americans. And it died without much of a whimper from those we have elected to represent us. What I am saying may be too much for most Americans to handle. As a society we have become soft and complacent and we have lost our vigilance -- we have sadly lost sight of what it means to be an American. We have allowed far too many small infringements upon our liberties overrepparttar 145376 years which isrepparttar 145377 exact reason these greater usurpations are now occurring. We have emboldened those that want to remakerepparttar 145378 nation in a new form completely alien to what our founders gave us.

Our society, I doubt, is ready to deal withrepparttar 145379 tragedy that has happened here. We have, for years allowedrepparttar 145380 federal government, for example, to act beyond it’s calling in Article I, Section 8 ofrepparttar 145381 Constitution and mandate that you and I pay forrepparttar 145382 retirement of other Americans. We have allowedrepparttar 145383 federal government for years to mandate that only certain types of arms are covered underrepparttar 145384 once absolute protections ofrepparttar 145385 Second Amendment. And recently we sat by and allowedrepparttar 145386 social engineers in our government to tell us that we are allowed to speak our sentiments freely EXCEPT when an election is less than a set number of days away.

You want my land orrepparttar 145387 land of my neighbor? You want our homes that we have bought and that we am paying for? And you want to sell our land to a private developer who will tear it down to put up a strip mall or an office building? We don’t want to sell to you? You think that you are going to sendrepparttar 145388 police to remove us? Well, I certainly do not speak for my fellow citizen but for myself you are going to have to take me out of my home feet first in a body bag!

And woe be torepparttar 145389 one that volunteers forrepparttar 145390 duty of trying to remove me from my property afterrepparttar 145391 government decides to give my land to another private individual. Two clips of .40 caliber rounds says you better have good life insurance if you are that one that comes to my door orrepparttar 145392 door of my neighbor. Because your widow is going to need it!

And my condolences go to your family.

The American people have got to get a handle on how hideous this act by our judiciary really is. Because if we don’t and if Americans don’t stand up to these judicial tyrants andrepparttar 145393 bureaucrats they empower and if you think that this isn’t “your problem” then there is going to be no one left able to protect you whenrepparttar 145394 government comes for your land. Because myself and allrepparttar 145395 real patriots in this country are going to be long since dead by government bullets paid for by your tax dollars.

J.J. Jackson is the Senior Editor of American Conservative Politics (, owner and chief designer of The Right Things ( and internet political columnist.

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