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Written by Hal Archer

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The store getsrepparttar publicity - notrepparttar 118887 clerk. Same with affiliate programs.

If you,repparttar 118888 affiliate, steers someone to a certain book and they buy it, they will say they got it from ABC Marketer - not you (the affiliate) who really did most ofrepparttar 118889 work, rounding uprepparttar 118890 buyer and sending them torepparttar 118891 marketer.

Why do they rememberrepparttar 118892 store,repparttar 118893 affiliate owner,repparttar 118894 name of a car dealership, etc. and notrepparttar 118895 salesman? Becauserepparttar 118896 book,repparttar 118897 store,repparttar 118898 auto dealership are branded - they are usually a household name.

There liesrepparttar 118899 difference in affiliate programs and this new marketing concept. Now, you can be branded - now you can be known. Now you can getrepparttar 118900 publicity.

Why getrepparttar 118901 publicity? Because publicity = $$$$. Plus you get to keep 100% ofrepparttar 118902 sale up front and your links inrepparttar 118903 books keep making money for you!

Are you beginning to seerepparttar 118904 difference? You arerepparttar 118905 "owner", your name and links are inrepparttar 118906 book, for all time, as long as that book exists.

You don't get paid just one time, but perhaps many, many times - one year, two years, even five years downrepparttar 118907 road, as more and more people see, read and click on your links inrepparttar 118908 book.

Furthermore, remember that book we talked about atrepparttar 118909 beginning? That big-all-encompassing book that would tell you everything you needed to know about Internet marketing, and ended up onrepparttar 118910 shelf only partly read and not understood. Well, as I said, now you can learn while you earn.

You see, each ofrepparttar 118911 books you receive from your association covers one subject - in depth, not just a quick skim. So you can master one part of Internet Marketing at a time. Atrepparttar 118912 same time you will be earning and building your business, your future.

This isrepparttar 118913 new revolution, but it won't be new for long. So if I were you I'd get me a big piece of this pie while it's fresh.

I've found two good ones so far and I have them on my site. There may be others - if not, there will be. I know I'm getting in onrepparttar 118914 start. I like to get my piece ofrepparttar 118915 pie when it's hot. Better check this out before your piece ofrepparttar 118916 pie gets cold.

--May you always walk in sunshine,

--Hal Archer

Hal Archer has written many published articles and is known for his marketing skills, having built successful businesses both online and offline. He can teach anyone how to earn a full-time living on the Internet.

Visit Hal's website for free information, e-books and free e-courses on making a guaranteed monthly income:

10 Critical Steps To e-business Safety

Written by Shahnaz Rauf

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6. Monitor your website statistics – usually your webhost should enable raw statistics, but any good sitemeter should be able to provide this information:

- Who is visiting your website? - Where are they coming from? - How much time they are spending? - Which pages they are clicking to? - And whole lots more.

Again this is very essential.

7. Track Your links - This isrepparttar single most important factor that can give an instant boost to your advertising efforts. you need to know:

- Which ads are pulling? - Where are your buying customers coming from? - How many files/ebooks/software are being down loaded from your site? - Who is clicking on your links – IP address of your clients? - How much traffic you are sending to some one?

Any good link tracker should be able to provide this information.

8. Keep tabs on your web-host`s performance – You need to know:

- When your website went offline? - When it came back up? - How many hours it was un-accessible? - How many seconds did your page take to load up?

Here you may userepparttar 118886 services of

9. Broken link monitoring - broken links can

- Create a bad image/impression about you in your customers minds. - Affect your search engine ranks. - Impact your business negatively.

You may check these out using here click onrepparttar 118887 ‘link’ button at page top.

10. Who’s linking to you – Again if your webhost enables raw statistics, finding this will not be a problem – you can even find who is linking directly to your e-book downloads etc. Otherwise you may use: - and click onrepparttar 118888 ‘link’ button at page top.


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