Johnny Appleseed ... A Lesson In Sowing And Reaping

Written by John Colanzi

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He planted them all.

3. Think long term.

An article that may not have done well when you first released it, may end up in an ecourse or ebook, months later.

4. Know that you will get results if you're persistent.

Keep sowing.

Know that overrepparttar long haul you'll reaprepparttar 124295 rewards.

My uncle used to liken it to pasta throwing.

If you took hands full of pasta and started throwing it againstrepparttar 124296 wall, some of it will stick.

So keep sowing, keep throwing and start reaping.

Your seeds will bear fruit.

Wishing You Success. John Colanzi

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Write A Newsletter To Get Site Visitors To Return!

Written by Steve Nash

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- Use pop-up windows to encourage sign-ups. A little bit controversial, but pop-ups *do* increase subscriber sign- ups! Find a script here:

* You CAN announce your newsletter torepparttar world

- Join various newsletter announcement mailing lists, follow their announcement rules, and announce, announce, announce (There are loads of these lists at .)

- Visitrepparttar 124294 following websites

Okay, okay! Your newsletter may be too humble for all this promotion, but atrepparttar 124295 very least make it easy to sign-up on your website. Oh! One other way of promoting your newsletter:

* Make your newsletter a great read!

Add your personality; publish onrepparttar 124296 same date; stick to a similar format; re-read and re-read to remove mistakes; encourage feedback; have clear objectives and *meet them*; and enjoy yourself. But if nothing else, just keep it short!


Writing a newsletter is a bit difficult not to do yourself, I admit. What I mean is that there are many Perl/CGI scripts that allow you to run a newsletter, including subscribe and unsubscribe functions, from your own site. Probablyrepparttar 124297 best free resource to do this would be Subscribe Me Lite by CGI Script Center. And you can always do a search at CGI Resources. - Subscribe Me Lite


You can find out more about email publishing fromrepparttar 124298 following excellent resources.


Writing a newsletter on a regular basis is a great way to keep people returning to your website. There are many tools and resources that show you how. And there are many sites that will publish your newsletter for free (you can even find free content, for goodness sake). Publish a newsletter and get to know your site visitors - and then let them get to know you!

Steve Nash is editor of the popular monthly newsletter called Promote! Promote! Promote! To subscribe, simply visit . To get more website promotion ideas take his free 7-day e-mail course, called Website Promotion That Works! Sign-up here!

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