John Roberts – Supreme Court Nominee

Written by Richard A. Chapo

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Roe v. Wade

Will Roe v. Wade be overturned? This isrepparttar key to Roberts’ tenure onrepparttar 150608 bench. Personally, his conservative leanings would suggest Roe is dead inrepparttar 150609 water, but not so fast. Roberts also has a strong belief in upholding landmark cases that have set precedent for an area of law. Obviously, Roe is such a case. Nobody can predict what he will do, but we can predict thatrepparttar 150610 choice will shape his future onrepparttar 150611 bench.

If Roberts votes to overturn Roe, we will see a complete re-writing of allrepparttar 150612 landmark cases. By voting to overturn, Roberts will position himself solidly withrepparttar 150613 conservative Justices onrepparttar 150614 court. Everything will be open game andrepparttar 150615 legal landscape will change dramatically.

If Roberts votes to uphold Roe, you can expectrepparttar 150616 conservative Justices to remainrepparttar 150617 minority forrepparttar 150618 foreseeable future. This prediction has everything to do with Justice Scalia.

Although championed by conservative groups, those in legal circles know that no single person has been a bigger obstacle forrepparttar 150619 conservative movement onrepparttar 150620 bench. The problem, quite simply, is Scalia is a jerk. He has a very bad habit of personally attacking other Justices in written opinions when they don’t agree with him. Justices O’Connor, Kennedy and Sauter were all supposed to be conservatives, but became moderates onrepparttar 150621 bench. The generally agreed cause isrepparttar 150622 personal attacks Scalia let fly in his dissents. Kennedy, in particular, is known to bristle atrepparttar 150623 mention of Scalia. Though they issue denials, it is well known that many Justices are not on speaking terms with Scalia. If you would like to learn more onrepparttar 150624 division, pick up a copy of “A Court Divided: The Rehnquist Court andrepparttar 150625 Future of Constitutional Law.”

If Scalia personally attacks Roberts in written opinions, human nature suggests Roberts will move towardsrepparttar 150626 middle. Scalia will do just such a thing should Roberts vote to uphold Roe. In short, it all comes down to Roberts’ decision on Roe v. Wade.

One way or another,repparttar 150627 Supreme Court is about to come front and center inrepparttar 150628 public eye. Withinrepparttar 150629 next five years, we should see at least two more Justices, Rehnquist and Stevens, leaverepparttar 150630 bench. Once they retire,repparttar 150631 court should remain stable for at least ten years. If only we knew how they would rule!

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Contacting a Celebrex Law Firm The Best Medicine

Written by Dave Hoffman

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It has been said that too often people file for compensation, seeking, it would seem, to placerepparttar responsibility for their own life choices upon some faceless corporation. Of course eating too much McDonald's food will make you fat, eating too much of anything will. Butrepparttar 150600 case of Celebrex is not one of insufficient responsibility - it is simply a matter of a trusted pharmaceutical company who gave to long suffering patients a holy grail. Arthritis patients eagerly and trustingly took Celebrex, hoping for an end to their daily difficulties, only to discover that their health had been further compromised. For many, contacting a Celebrex law firm is not a case of simply getting some financial recompense - though many will need this money in order to cope with future medical bills - but simply to stand up and say this: we trusted you, and you let us down. This will be a kind of medicine in itself.

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