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Written by Gary Avedovech

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How to Succeed in the Poker Freerolls Part 1

Written by Ian McIntosh

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4. Use your table position.

If you are first or second inrepparttar betting, a King 10 isn't a very good hand. There are nine players to follow you and if any of them have a pair or an Ace or a King with Queen or Jack then you are struggling. However if you are atrepparttar 141294 end ofrepparttar 141295 betting and you can "limp in" with a call or check, then your KT becomes an altogether better prospect. Nobody has raised yet so your King might be good and it is certainly worth seeingrepparttar 141296 flop.

5. Vary your play.

Although you need to be patient and wait for a good hand, don't become too predictable. If you only playrepparttar 141297 big hands and always raise then your opponents will simply back down and let you takerepparttar 141298 blinds. The trouble with this is you won't be winning enough in blinds to keep your head above water as you are playing too few hands. You need to vary your style of play and become hard to read.

6. Avoid bluffing.

Bluffing should be avoided, except on very rare occasions. As there are always ten people atrepparttar 141299 table there is a very high chance that someone will have a good hand each time and will want to go against you, even if you go all in. All in on a bluff is almost suicidal atrepparttar 141300 online poker freerolls, there's nearly always somebody prepared to call you and you have little chance of surviving.

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