Job Tips For The Frustrated Job Seeker

Written by TJ Smith

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Be sure to include several ways to contact you. Home phone, cell phone, email. I hadrepparttar unfortunate luck of having my cell phone and my home phone cut off for non payment within a few days of each other. As luck would have it someone I sent a resume to tried to contact me and couldn't get through. They did send me a email saying they couldn't reach me. I was able to call them and get a interview. Don't leave anything to chance. And if they leave you a message get back to them ASAP while your resume is still on their desk. When you get a interview, be on time, be prepared, do your research aboutrepparttar 137010 company you are interviewing with. You can usually find most everything you need off their company website. Come prepared with extra resumes, helpful if you have to fill out a application. Also have copies of your updated references. It is best to have more than 3. Some companies want professional references including past employers, others want personal references of persons not related to you. Be prepared for both. Where to find a job? Dig! You may never know where one will show up. In some waysrepparttar 137011 Internet has made job searches easier with a variety of sites to search. You should probably set up accounts atrepparttar 137012 large sites like hotjobs and monster which will allow you to post your resume and apply directly to postings Also take a look at sites like They are a search engine of sorts for jobs. They search several jobs sites at once. Saves time from going to each site. Post your resume so employers can find you. ASK! Don't be afraid to let everyone you know that you are looking for a job. Drop a email to anyone who might know someone who might have a job opening. You might be surprised how many people really do want to help you. Network your pants off! If you don't ask no one can help you. Search everyday. Try and send out at least one resume a day if not more. Pick uprepparttar 137013 early edition ofrepparttar 137014 Sunday paper. Send out 5-10 at a time. And keep sending them even after you have interviews set up. You can easily fall behind two or three weeks if you stop sending resumes in hopes of that job offer coming through. Nothing better than telling someone, "I'm sorry I accepted another position" Apply for every job you are remotely interested in even if you don't think you are qualified. Every job listed always has a laundry list of qualifications and requirements. In a perfect world they would findrepparttar 137015 perfect person that would match every requirement. But employers know that person doesn't exist and they are looking for someone who closely matches. Atrepparttar 137016 worst you will never hear from them. Atrepparttar 137017 best they will offer you a job or maybe something different within their company. You can always turn it down. Even if it turns out to be something you really don't want to do, it might help you get by for awhile until a better position comes along. Never be afraid to apply to any job! Most of all don't give up hope,repparttar 137018 right job will happen atrepparttar 137019 right time. Remember to take care of yourself. Go for a walk, get plenty of rest, do something you enjoy just for yourself. As long as you keep moving in a forward direction, if someone asks you what you have been doing to find a job you can proudly say "this is what I have been doing" Persistence will pay off. Good luck.

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Boy Scouts of America and Leadership Coaching

Written by CMOE Development Team

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CMOE: Thenrepparttar Professional Development Division got involved?

Dennis: Only because our Chief Executive Officer after a number of focus group sessions with new Unit Serving Executives, recognized that our organization hadn’t providedrepparttar 136899 tools or process to be a good coach. Our projected growth and increased competition for attracting and retaining top caliber people further spotlighted this. Then we were asked to get involved.

CMOE: What has been your experience withrepparttar 136900 CMOE’s Leadership Coaching Workshop and Coaching Model?

Dennis: We know this gives themrepparttar 136901 tools to implementrepparttar 136902 Coaching function of our OMS and be more effective in their day to day interaction withrepparttar 136903 professional staff.

CMOE: Can you give us some examples ofrepparttar 136904 Coaching Model working?

Dennis: Two come to mind. A Field Director attendedrepparttar 136905 workshop two weeks prior torepparttar 136906 quarterly reviews. He called back to relate how well they had gone and that they exceeded his expectations for a positive performance feedback and development session. The second was a Staff Leader who usedrepparttar 136907 model in a corrective discussion. She called me to report that with this tool,repparttar 136908 results were more positive than she had ever expected and thatrepparttar 136909 employee was making some real progress. There are many more examples but these two arerepparttar 136910 most recent.

CMOE: Any other thoughts you would like to share?

Dennis: As a not-for-profit organization we are excited about helping our leaders become even better coaches. This will help them maximizerepparttar 136911 contribution of our employees and volunteers and better enable us to achieve our Mission.

To learn more about Leadership Coaching and CMOE’s experience with organizations around the world please visit CMOE or contact one of our Regional Managers at (801) 569-3444

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