Job Search Strategies that Work!

Written by Don Goodman, President About Jobs

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Headhunters are a favorite for many people and this route has an effectiveness rate of 3-28% depending onrepparttar level of position you are seeking. The higher up inrepparttar 138540 organization you are,repparttar 138541 betterrepparttar 138542 chances that a company will be willing to pay a fee to find you. The average headhunter fee is 20% which translates to a $10,000 fee for every $50,000 of salary. So if you are a staff professional, you might wonder if a company is willing to pay $10,000 to get you, especially if they can get hundreds of resumes through a simple ad. Some resume writing professionals can e-mail your resume to a quality list of headhunters that fit your criteria for as little as $97, and this could be well worth it.

Finally, considerrepparttar 138543 direct contact method. This is where you conduct a direct mail campaign to targeted hiring managers in companies you have identified. A properly prepared campaign can findrepparttar 138544 unadvertised jobs and has an effectiveness rate as high as 50% depending on exactly how you do it. For example, sending an unsolicited resume and cover letter has a 2-8% effectiveness rate while better developed programs provide an effectiveness rate over 40%. First, you need to make sure your resume is great. These programs are probably best handled in collaboration with a professional firm that hasrepparttar 138545 database andrepparttar 138546 expertise to putrepparttar 138547 right letters and resume together for you. Note that these programs do not have to costrepparttar 138548 thousands charged by some ofrepparttar 138549 firms out there. Do your shopping carefully and you can find a cost effective program that hasrepparttar 138550 highest rate of success.

Even though today’s job market is tight, companies are hiring. Followrepparttar 138551 steps outlined to develop an aggressive and focused job search, and you can be in your dream job.

Don Goodman is a nationally known career expert and President of About Jobs ( a Resume Writing and Job Search Assistance firm. Contact him at 800-909-0109 or by e-mail at

TMI: The Résumé Destroyer

Written by Pierre Daunic

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Use bullets. Use bullets (but not too many) to describe achievements or skill sets because …

• They often take up less space. • They allow you to prioritize more easily. • They grabrepparttar reader’s attention. (See?)

Use different formatting. Changerepparttar 138513 top, side, and bottom margins to as little as one half inch if appearance permits. Or reducerepparttar 138514 size of your text font to 10 point (but no smaller). Or try using a font like Garamond instead of Times New Roman: it will take up less space. Or try using a condensed font such as Weissach Condensed. A little experimentation will probably yield big results; however, whether you use these suggestions or others, just make sure readability is not harmed.

Delete “References Furnished on Request.” Often found atrepparttar 138515 end of a résumé,repparttar 138516 phrase has little importance. If an employer wants references, he will ask for them anyway.

Utilizingrepparttar 138517 tips above, you may be able to reducerepparttar 138518 length of your résumé by a page or more without sacrificing meaning, impact, or readability. In fact, when your copy is clear, concise, and properly formatted, it gives you more space to set forth your skills and achievements in a professional and well-appreciated fashion. Try it—you’ll see what I mean!

Pierre Daunic, senior consultant for R.L. Stevens & Associates Inc. (, a career marketing firm and organization celebrating over 24 years of providing strategic marketing solutions for its clients’ career transitioning needs.

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