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About is a sophisticated set of career-related tools designed to focus a jobseeker's career search and job search efforts onrepparttar most productive online resources. Our Meta-Search Technology, Search Agents, and Career-Related Information make it possible for jobseekers to findrepparttar 107125 resources best suited to their job search and employment needs. Simply stated, JobSniper isrepparttar 107126 best tool for managing careers andrepparttar 107127 job-hunting process.

JobSniper was developed and is managed by a highly skilled team of career industry professionals, whose mission is to develop and deploy web-enabled applications that allow recruiters and employers to optimizerepparttar 107128 job search and client-acquisition process.

JobSniper has been providing technology and information services forrepparttar 107129 human capital industry for nearly a decade. Our experience and insight intorepparttar 107130 unique needs ofrepparttar 107131 jobseeker, recruiter and employer is unparalleled inrepparttar 107132 industry. JobSniper services jobseekers, recruiters and employersrepparttar 107133 US, Canada, andrepparttar 107134 United Kingdom. For more information about JobSniper, please visit us at

About Insala Insala LLC is a human resources, web technology development and services organization. Insala provides niche career management-related technology and services to corporations and organizations, outplacement and career management firms, governments, universities, recruiting firms, and ultimately, employees.

Insala is a highly responsive, multi-national company heavily engaged inrepparttar 107135 sale, implementation, and continual development of career management, web-native, technological applications, and solutions. is a sophisticated set of career-related tools designed to focus a jobseeker's career search and job search efforts on the most productive online resources.

IMAGINATION: New Worlds of Discovery

Written by Davis Goss.

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The range and flexibility of your imagination is virtually without limit. It is free of all limitations and restrictions. There is only one rule that pertains to your imagination and that is that there are no rules. Your imagination is limited only by your imagination.

In your imagination, you arerepparttar absolute reigning monarch. You have absolute control overrepparttar 107124 images of your imagination; Here in your imagination you can fry ice and dribble footballs with absolute control and balance. Imaginative concepts do not control you, you control them. They are forever ready and willing to obey your every command and instruction and do so instantaneously without offering any resistance. They initiate no actions of their own but allow you to entertainrepparttar 107125 abstract or bizarre without passing any value judgements or criticisms.. Because like begets like, we must be alert to entertain only those mental images that we are willing to be expressed.

Open your thought to be responsive torepparttar 107126 new ideas and concepts as you exercise your "power of forming mental images (ideas) of things not present torepparttar 107127 senses....". Miracles take place in our imagination.

No wonder Einstein said that "imagination is more important than knowledge"!

With this power of your imagination you are truly onrepparttar 107128 cutting edge of real progress andrepparttar 107129 controller of destinies.

Little wonder that Napoleon said, "Imagination rulesrepparttar 107130 world"!

Creative thinking, "the ability to be productive through imaginative skills", is pivotal torepparttar 107131 productivity and success of any endeavor. Particularly when you realize that Webster defines "productive" as, "the establishment of results, benefits and profits".

For more thna 40 years, Davis Goss has been a creative consultant with particular expertise in problem solving. His unique scientific approach is fully disclosed in his recent book, "The DYNAMICS of ACHIEVEMENT"

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