Jimmy's Execution in His Words - Part 3

Written by Jimmy Kinslow as told to Ed Howes

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If we as a society of an enlightened and evolved beings, take upon ourselvesrepparttar moral authority and "right" to cage our fellow beings for what we have deemed to be unacceptable behavior; we must, atrepparttar 125480 same time, assumerepparttar 125481 unquestionable duty and responsibility to providerepparttar 125482 basic human necessities for those we choose to incarcerate within our prisons. This includes proper food, shelter and medical care. It is a factrepparttar 125483 deprival of any one need for a helplessly caged human being, constitutes cruel and sadistic physical torture.

We seem to have forgotten a basic, and fundamental truth underlyingrepparttar 125484 American penal system. We send fellow human beings to prison AS THE PUNISHMENT for wrongdoing, NOT TO BE PUNISHED in addition torepparttar 125485 social isolation. Somewhere alongrepparttar 125486 line we have allowed our fundamental concepts and basic understanding of just punishment of fellow humans to be corrupted by pandering politicians. Turning punishment intorepparttar 125487 intentional infliction of physical pain, suffering and murder. Justice becomes criminal itself. Right is right. Wrong is wrong. We don't need any two faced, paid political whore to tell US what a proper form of punishment should be. Don't get caught up inrepparttar 125488 carefully choreographed emotional propaganda put out daily byrepparttar 125489 massive multibillion dollar prison industrial complex andrepparttar 125490 self appointed governmental elites. Don't allow them to sadistically torture fellow people by withholding needed medical care to prisoners IN YOUR NAME, under your moral authority. There can be NO legitimate excuse for it. We are NOT supposed to be a nation of sadists and torturers, or else, whatrepparttar 125491 hell are we doing in Iraq?

Without your help and assistance in castingrepparttar 125492 spotlight of public attention upon these prison officials, I will die from deliberate medical malpractice. They thrive onrepparttar 125493 darkness of anonymity and will only respond to outside scrutiny and public pressure to save their jobs and not embarrass their political masters. Please do not allow my voice to fade intorepparttar 125494 darkness unheard, with my death.

I am only 44 years old. They are seizingrepparttar 125495 opportunity to change my prison sentence into a death sentence, executing me. If I were to be given a lethal injection, it would be more humane than being left in severe physical pain from this untreated and mistreated, deadly liver disease and additional serious medical conditions as a result of malpractice. The slow rotting of my internal organs.

Please help me if you can. Attorneys, please take up my case. If you know of an attorney who might, please forward this to him/her or anyone else who might help. Write letters to these IDOC officials on my behalf and many others enduring medical torture and execution. Writerepparttar 125496 elected public officials, print this letter on your Websites. E mail it, FAX it, anything you can think of. Without treatment soon,repparttar 125497 odds that I will be here this time next year are very slim. Thank you fromrepparttar 125498 bottom of my heart for any help you may be able to provide. I would love to hear from each of you and will try to respond to all letters, health permitting.

Jimmy Kinslow

Jimmy Kinslow #B 67033 Stateville CC P.O. Box 112 Joliet, IL 60434 0112 )

Freelance writer published on websites and newspapers. justanotherview.com edhowes@hotmail.com

Modular Homes...Here are the Advantages

Written by Nancy Storrs, Custom Modular Homes, LLC - Wisconsin

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Reduced Moisture – Less Mold or Mildew... Because modular homes are built in a climate-controlled environment, there is less moisture, no rain or weather to delay construction, and less dampness. Mold and mildew have little opportunity to grow in your new home. For sensitive families, this is means you’ll have a healthier, more allergy resistant home.

Durability – Built To Travel... Modular Homes are generally transported several hundred miles fromrepparttar factory torepparttar 125477 final construction site. With that in mind,repparttar 125478 Modular Home manufacturer designs durability into every home during construction, to insure thatrepparttar 125479 house can withstandrepparttar 125480 rigors of transportation. That includes use of not just one, but typically two rim joists, engineered flooring systems, sub floors that are glued and nailed, tongue and groove sub floors for more stable floors, exterior sheathing is glued and nailed, thicker 5/8” gypsum wall board is used on all ceilings, interior walls are 16” on center (not 24” on center like others), top and bottom plates of exterior walls and studs are 2x6 lumber. Additional sreaps and bracing are used during transport to further insure a high quality product is delivered torepparttar 125481 construction site. The home is sturdier, stronger and more durable than a comparable “stick built” home.

Economy – Less Waste Of Materials... Drive past any construction site, and you’ll see a dumpster filled to overflowing with scraps of wallboard, lumber, siding and roofing materials. The homeowner pays for those items – and they are all thrown away. With modular homes, there is less material waste, becauserepparttar 125482 lumber that is cut off duringrepparttar 125483 construction of one house, can be used duringrepparttar 125484 construction ofrepparttar 125485 next house coming downrepparttar 125486 production line. That results in savings to you,repparttar 125487 homeowner.

Nancy Storrs is owner of Custom Modular Homes, LLC in Wisconsin. Home design, site management and real estate are part of her background. Custom Modular Homes offers homes that are beautiful, affordable, and meet niche markets, including elder care housing, and ADA compliance, as well as universal design.

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