Jesus in Wales

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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“Sure you say this, but we see who you sleep with.” Shouted a burly misanthrope nearrepparttar front ofrepparttar 147564 crowd.

“Mary is my touchstone and she isrepparttar 147565 daughter of your master. He is a fine man but he cannot changerepparttar 147566 world by himself. I see you are brave and I will be assured by Joseph that you will not only not be punished but you should be rewarded. Thank you.” Jesus walked offrepparttar 147567 raised platform and went to getrepparttar 147568 man. He brought him to Joseph and he asked Joseph.

“Do you have a place for this man that he deserves due to his long and hard life that you and others have brought upon him?”

“He will be made a forest warden and live in a cottage not far from here. I know that all of you deserve more but I am beholden to forces beyond my control. I did not have to bring our young Lord here to speak with you and I do not have to do allrepparttar 147569 things I do which make your lives far better than other miners. I do these things as best I can and I hope that during my long absences that any transgressions that have occurred outsiderepparttar 147570 way I have instructed things be handled, will be brought to my attention.”

It was along night that saw most ofrepparttar 147571 managers sent packing or offered a job as a deep miner. Many ofrepparttar 147572 miners were asked who they thought would berepparttar 147573 best replacements forrepparttar 147574 managers. The atmosphere of hope that prevailed was most satisfying to Jesus, Mary and Joseph. They spentrepparttar 147575 night around a bonfire and entertained their ‘brothers’ who became more open and willing to entertain them asrepparttar 147576 night wore on. As they leftrepparttar 147577 next day to head back torepparttar 147578 Isle of Avalon near Glastonbury they were met byrepparttar 147579 non-working shifts who had gathered alongrepparttar 147580 roadside to pay their respects. The man who was to become warden stepped intorepparttar 147581 path ofrepparttar 147582 horses and would not move. He waited for Jesus or Joseph to come out ofrepparttar 147583 carriage and walk up to him. Jesus and Joseph both came towards him and Jesus opened his arms. The man came crying into his arms and he said.

“I have a son who works in another mine which is run by someone from another Phoenician enterprise. I want him to have this warden’s job.”

“It will be done.” Joseph spoke andrepparttar 147584 crowd began to cheer. Again Jesus was touched by or shook hands with many ofrepparttar 147585 miners before he returned torepparttar 147586 carriage.

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Written by Irvin L. Rozier

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Words cannot describlerepparttar love that I felt When I surrendered all to him as I humbly knelt To be loved by family and friends is a wonderful thing But to be loved by Jesus made my heart sing

To know that Jesus loved me made me happy and free That he could love me so much was a miracle to me His liquid love that came and filled my heart Washed away my past and gave me a new start

Irvin L. Rozier aka walkin2e

Author of My Walk with the Lord,, various other articles and poems (do a google or yahoo search on my name), preacher, retired military

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