Jesus(PBUH) the Pharisee

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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Paul's own words tell us in Romans 11:2: 'I am an Israelite myself, ofrepparttar stock of Abraham, ofrepparttar 143135 tribe of Benjamin,',' circumcised on my eighth day, Israelite by race, ofrepparttar 143136 tribe of Benjamin, A Hebrew, born and bred; in my attitude torepparttar 143137 law, A Pharisee (Philippians 3:5).'

Nothing in his early life actions would tell us that he was a Pharisee who supportedrepparttar 143138 underprivileged (Or even in later life if one reads his thoughts about women) in laws and all societal structures throughoutrepparttar 143139 Roman and Parthian Empire. A detailed and honest investigation can easily seerepparttar 143140 Pharisees have been ridiculed and given all kinds of negative publicity inrepparttar 143141 Gospels and fromrepparttar 143142 evangelical pulpits of this very day. What better way to destroy someone, than to have your 'front man' write their dogma? This is classic espionage and 'black ops' intrigue! Mr. Maccoby gives us these further comments onrepparttar 143143 matter and we could have chosen many other scholars to say these things.

"Instead ofrepparttar 143144 priests,repparttar 143145 Pharisees looked for guidance to their own leaders,repparttar 143146 'hakhamin' (sages), who were not a hereditary class but came from every level of society includingrepparttar 143147 poorest... The other verse quoted by Jesus from Leviticus, 'Love your neighbor as yourself' was also regarded byrepparttar 143148 Pharisees as of central importance, and was treated byrepparttar 143149 two greatest figures of Pharisaism, Hillel and Rabbi Akiba...

Jesus' threat torepparttar 143150 Temple was not subversive ofrepparttar 143151 High Priest... rather it wasrepparttar 143152 Jews who were framed byrepparttar 143153 Gospels, whose concern was to shiftrepparttar 143154 blame forrepparttar 143155 crucifixion fromrepparttar 143156 Romans torepparttar 143157 Jews and their religion." (3)

"When inrepparttar 143158 name of God {Nations or academia}, people hold black and white beliefs that cut them off from other human beings; when inrepparttar 143159 name of God, they give up their own sense of right and wrong; when inrepparttar 143160 name of God, they suffer financial deprivation; then they are suffering from religious addiction. When, inrepparttar 143161 name of God, people are made to feel unhealthy fear, false guilt, toxic shame, and destructive anger; when inrepparttar 143162 name of God, they have been emotionally, physically, or sexually abused; when inrepparttar 143163 name of God, they have judged themselves and others as inherently worth- less; then they have been subject to religious abuse… At that point, Father Leo Booth says, 'God has become a drug. My name is Leo. I'm an alcoholic and religious abuser. I'm a recovering priest.’ {He was a Catholic who taught that non-Catholics receiving no catechism went to Hell.}

...Moses was told by God that his name was 'I am who I am.' Every child is born with a sense of 'I am who I am'. The job ofrepparttar 143164 family andrepparttar 143165 church is to orchestrate life so thatrepparttar 143166 sense of 'I AM' can grow and expand. Chapter 5 painfully outlines how children raised by religious addicts have their 'I AM'-ness ripped apart - how their sense of wholeness is split. This is a far cry from religion's promise of at-one-ment." (4)

PEACE: - Let us give credit to John Lennon andrepparttar 143167 'hippies' who were strong enough to say NO! Their collective energy and thought or prayer has been useful in ending organized war among superpowers, now we need to extend a hand to those who are suffering within nations underrepparttar 143168 strong arm and insanity of national despots protected by international sovereign rights.

Author and activist for ecumenicism

Recognizing Deception and Apostasy

Written by Dene McGriff

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that is without precedent. What will it mean practically? Ifrepparttar Bible is correct (and I believe it is), it will get torepparttar 143134 point where you will not be able to buy or sell anything. You won’t have access to food, clothing, housing, health care, schools - nothing! If you are not a Christian (and by that I mean you don’t have a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ and haven’t been reborn in your human spirit), you will probably be so caught up inrepparttar 143135 deception that one day. When you are given a choice that will enable you to continue to buy and sell and live a half way normal life, you will agree to take a mark and worshiprepparttar 143136 antichrist. This will determine your eternal destiny. Most will be deceived! Most will takerepparttar 143137 path of least resistance. You will be deceived if… Continue torepparttar 143138 full article at:


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