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Written by Doug Bower

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· "Another admitted he didn't do all ofrepparttar duties listed in his résumé – but he assuredrepparttar 139436 hiring manager that it didn't matter." [3]

· Applicant asks for a raise duringrepparttar 139437 interview

· Applicant asks how soon he can haverepparttar 139438 interviewing manager's office

· "Applicants offered their interviewers gifts, money, and even sex in return for a job offer, and one job seeker offered to shinerepparttar 139439 hiring manager's shoes." [4]

Now this is NOT to say that all Americans show up at interviews a "brick shy of a load". I would not dare make such a generalization. So let me go on record so I don't get a lot of nasty emails. Not every American without exception shows up at job interviews with "the porch light on but no one's at home". Just a lot of you apparently do.

Do not, and I repeat, do not do these (are you still listening Lord Jesse and Prince Al?) at job interviews. I guess no one told you these were not good things to do when applying for work:

· Pick your nails · Light up tobacco or other smoking products · Fart · Belch · Pick your nose or any other bodily orifice · Scratch your private parts · Spit

I am not making this stuff up. Americans really will do this, and more, at job interviews.

This behavior is what Mexicans would call "uneducated". And you know what? THEY ARE RIGHT!

So Lord Jackson and Prince Albert, perhaps you should take a long and hard look atrepparttar 139440 reasons American employers are hiring more and more Mexicans! What do you think of that?

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Doug Bower is a freelance writer and book author. He lives with his wife in Guanajuato, Mexico. His newest book Mexican Living: Blogging it from a Third World Country can now be seen at

Slavery Was Useful

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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That is notrepparttar whole reason forrepparttar 139359 creation ofrepparttar 139360 United States and there could be a good argument made forrepparttar 139361 forces ofrepparttar 139362 so-called New World Order acting to makerepparttar 139363 US what it has become. I have shownrepparttar 139364 Indians are often agents forrepparttar 139365 Synarchists or elite and secret societies in many books and you can findrepparttar 139366 Sioux acting on behalf of them in this book. Joseph Brant and Sitting Bull are part ofrepparttar 139367 same continuum includingrepparttar 139368 Mediwiwin Society which was Masonic beforerepparttar 139369 arrival ofrepparttar 139370 explorers and some people think Abraham Lincoln was a Melungeon. I thinkrepparttar 139371 Bairds are similarly connected torepparttar 139372 Huguenots we will see a religious Baird ofrepparttar 139373 19th Century wrote extensively about. But all of this intrigue is justrepparttar 139374 icing onrepparttar 139375 cake or superficial factoids of public sensationalism. The fact is far more sophisticated andrepparttar 139376 forces of power are using a ‘play both ends againstrepparttar 139377 middle’ or Hegelian Dialectic.

The British were able to enter Pensacola withrepparttar 139378 assistance ofrepparttar 139379 local Spanish officials. Butrepparttar 139380 Spanish did not like Major Nicholls recruiting slaves and calling on all slaves to rebel against their ‘imbecile governments’. He then tried to take Mobile which had been taken byrepparttar 139381 Americans in 1813. I ask you to think long and hard about Jean Lafitte and his role as a Spanish agent at this juncture. Was he really just a businessman engaged in slavery? Why did he work withrepparttar 139382 Americans and wererepparttar 139383 Spanish not unlikerepparttar 139384 French in their sale ofrepparttar 139385 Louisiana Purchase at a high level? I remind you thatrepparttar 139386 Spanish Government was a mere vassal state forrepparttar 139387 Vatican since long before Rodrigo Borgia heldrepparttar 139388 Papal Bull addressing incest overrepparttar 139389 heads of Isabella and Ferdinand.

Most important to consider is a secret arrangement between Britain and Rome that apparently was last expressed atrepparttar 139390 Treaty of Verona. This agreement is calledrepparttar 139391 Holy Alliance and some people thinkrepparttar 139392 Maritime Laws are part of it. I am sure they are a mere and simple example ofrepparttar 139393 whole gambit however. It is connected withrepparttar 139394 Treaty of Tordesillas andrepparttar 139395 make up ofrepparttar 139396 New World Order. The elite have in fact managed both sides for far longer than this and therir are certain families who have used nations as mere fronts for a very long time. It goes back long before what we call history. Same people - allrepparttar 139397 time - in every century for at leastrepparttar 139398 5,000 years James Joyce referred to as a 'nightmare' as quoted by Campbell in Gimbutas' Language ofrepparttar 139399 Goddess.

Author of Diverse Druids Columnist for The ES Press Magazine guest 'expert'

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