Jargon: Handle with Care

Written by Marcia Yudkin

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Even so, you need to remember that many media people and potential clients may not have a mental definition for such acronyms. For instance, publishing insiders can email each other about "POD initiatives," but in a press release "POD" should not only be clearly explained as "publishing on demand" but that term given a brief gloss as well. By using bothrepparttar acronym andrepparttar 100965 written-out words thatrepparttar 100966 letters stand for, as well as further definitions when a phrase is relatively new or specialized, you communicate clearly and setrepparttar 100967 stage for your news to be found through search engines.

Now what about specialized vocabulary - "hematoma," "habeas corpus," "chakra" and "candlestick charts"? Such phrases have precise and established meanings in certain fields, but people who don't userepparttar 100968 terms every day may have a hazy comprehension of them. Thus, you should handle them as I recommended for acronyms. Provide a brief, unobtrusive definition in close proximity to their first use in a release.

When you do this subtly, tucking an explanation into your release, neitherrepparttar 100969 in-group norrepparttar 100970 outsiders take offense. For instance, within Eastern medicine "qi" is a standard term. You could define it discreetly as in this sentence: "Acupuncture restores balance and regulatesrepparttar 100971 flow of qi,repparttar 100972 basic life force." The last four words prevent both confusion and insult.

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Easy Copywriting: Develop a conversational style

Written by Angela Booth

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When I wrote my first two novels, I had a real problem with dialog. I audio-taped a couple of movies and transcribed them. It worked. For an investment of maybe eight hours, I've found dialog easy and fun to do ever since.

The bonus --- not only did it improve my dialog 1000 per cent, but it also improved all my performance writing as well. I formed a mental link between howrepparttar words look onrepparttar 100964 page, and how they sound.

* Write, then: read your words aloud. Or: talk. Start talking to yourself (it helps if you have your own office) aboutrepparttar 100965 product you're writing copy for. Include sound-effects. Be outrageous. You'll create excellent copy.

* Think about sub-text. This isrepparttar 100966 underlying meaning of our words. The betterrepparttar 100967 script (dialog) writer,repparttar 100968 simplerrepparttar 100969 writing, because it relies almost completely on sub-text. This is difficult to do. However, don't let that stop you. The more practising you do,repparttar 100970 better you'll get. Look for examples of sub-text when you're watching movies and TV, and writerepparttar 100971 examples down in a notebook.

* Listen torepparttar 100972 conversational styles ofrepparttar 100973 people you meet.

Unless they've made an effort to change it, their conversational style reflects their early family environment. So you'll find that someone who's grown up in a home where her parents are from another culture may not speak her parents' native language, but she nevertheless has some of that language structure in her conversational style --- inrepparttar 100974 way she uses words.

You can use this knowledge to add veracity to your conversational style.

Tryrepparttar 100975 above approaches. For a small investment in time, you'll improve your copywriting skills.

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