Japanese Jewelry - expand your options!

Written by Slava Diamy

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It’s weird but it’s much easier to find something Japanese silver, than anything in gold.

A deep search exposed us astonishing pearl-decorated golden ring and pearl earrings. I would have never thought that pearl could match gold so perfectly! To see that, I did a search for “Japanese diamond ring” in Google Images. It’s funny that Japanese pearl decoration can be found via diamond link. And if you’ll surf thru – you can find some really spectacular Japanese rings and neckwear. Everything is made with a great sense of detail, like I told you.

Really interesting things can be found by a Cornelis Hollander, nine-time winner ofrepparttar "International Pearl Design" contest in Japan (and a couple of other big name titles), he is really innovative. His golden rings possess style and uniqueness, bringing a fresh breath of air into jewelry. Being a Netherlands-born and winning nine-time title in Pearl Design Contest in Japan, he must have really stimulated Japanese crafters to seek new ways to design pearl rings. If you followed me search above – you’ll probably agree with me: this influenced Japanese Jewelry in a very positive ways.

Last but not least in Japanese jewelery is charms of Japan. If you are lucky enough to find a charm with Japanese Faith symbol – be sure to have one. I’ll let you figure how does this Japanese symbol look like on your own. After all – you must be unusually lucky to find this. Try yourself! I did.

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7 Tips To Reduce Menstrual Cramps

Written by Van Whitsett

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4. Oral contraceptive pills: Have been found to decreaserepparttar amount of menstrual tissue formed and lowerrepparttar 150025 pain level (amplitude) ofrepparttar 150026 uterine contractions.

5. Mefenamic acid: Also found overrepparttar 150027 counter, effectively relieves severe menstrual pain while also reducing heavy menstrual bleeding, easing menstrual migraine, and easingrepparttar 150028 physical and emotional symptoms of premenstrual syndrome.

6. Reduce salt intake: To prevent water retention that causes bloating. Also, avoid liquor and other alcoholic beverages to reduce headaches.

7. Learn to relax. Rest, sleep and relaxation exercises can help reducerepparttar 150029 pain and discomfort of menstrual cramps. A relaxing massage or bath with oil made with chamomile, lavender, marjoram, ginger and/or clary sage. They are aromatic and can aid in relaxation.

Never surrender to pain. There are steps you can take to help alleviaterepparttar 150030 pain and discomfort. So,repparttar 150031 next time you experience any painful menstruation symptoms, be sure to try these tips.

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