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Written by Kriss Hammond

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I foundrepparttar coolest Irish pub in Las Vegas, and it is a real hideout, unless you are inrepparttar 139390 know or Irish. The Publican (whatrepparttar 139391 Irish call a pub manager) hasrepparttar 139392 most Irish of names - Declan McGettigan. He isrepparttar 139393 Publican of J.C. Wooloughan's Irish Pub (the only one inrepparttar 139394 world) atrepparttar 139395 JW Marriott Las Vegas, far offrepparttar 139396 Strip.

Allrepparttar 139397 local Irish descent merrymakers know aboutrepparttar 139398 place. The entire pub was constructed in Ireland and shipped piece by piece to Las Vegas and reconstructed on site. The warm northern European hardwoods, bars, and tables mellowrepparttar 139399 place out like you were in Ireland yourself.

I was atrepparttar 139400 pub for lunch one afternoon and then returned later that evening. What a switch of events. I had a hale and hearty meal and then later I stepped into a real Irish jig band - Darby O'Gill andrepparttar 139401 Little People - cranking outrepparttar 139402 native tunes with some very ribald and thick Gaelic verse forrepparttar 139403 native Irish. People were jigging and singing and drinking Harps beer and other premium imports from Eire and telling dirty jokes to each other and I truly felt like I was in a local Celtic tavern - Blarney! The narrow pub made it a close atmosphere making it a chore to find a seat, but who could sit with all those fiddles energizingrepparttar 139404 joint? Real Irish music is played inrepparttar 139405 evenings from Wednesday through Sunday. Duringrepparttar 139406 NFL seasonrepparttar 139407 pub is alsorepparttar 139408 home ofrepparttar 139409 local Pittsburgh Steelers fan club, so grab a mug inrepparttar 139410 pub with some grub and watchrepparttar 139411 action.

There's a selection of traditional pub fare and Irish beers and whiskeys onrepparttar 139412 menu ofrepparttar 139413 authentic casual dining establishment that is open from 11 a.m. and stays in full swing untilrepparttar 139414 wee hours ofrepparttar 139415 morning. During lunch I had a long chat withrepparttar 139416 pub's day manager - Troy, originally from Toronto, Canada, and it made me feel a real hometown Failte go dTi (welcome).

Traidisiunta Agus Nua (traditional dishes fromrepparttar 139417 ol' Sod) includes Murphy's Boxty Corner. Boxty has long been a staple throughout Ireland. Mashed and grated potato pancakes are grilled and stuffed with a choice of selected items for a classic omelet. The Gaelic Steak and Mushroom is a ribeye in an Irish Whiskey Peppercorn Cream Sauce. Of course there is Corned Beef and Cabbage onrepparttar 139418 menu, a standard inrepparttar 139419 Conley kitchen and throughout Ireland;repparttar 139420 finest corned beef is served with boiled cabbage and potato cakes or boiled yukons, topped with creamy parsley sauce. I saw a lady orderrepparttar 139421 Beer Battered Fish and Chips andrepparttar 139422 fish was huge. Trustrepparttar 139423 Irish to get as many flavors into a staple dish. The fillets of cod come with peas, coleslaw or kettle fires. Then there isrepparttar 139424 All Day Irish Breakfast that includes imported Irish rashers and sausage. What you may ask is Bangers n' Mash? Take a hand of Irish sausages, grilled onions and good old mashed potatoes and you get a solution to hunger. The freshest of Atlantic North Sea salmon is flown in forrepparttar 139425 Salmon Of Knowledge, broiled with potato cakes and a medley of vegetables.

The lunch specials are only between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. and arrive with Wooloughan's own brown Irish soda bread. For an appetizer I choserepparttar 139426 Potato Leek Soup, a 19th century McCarthy family recipe handed down throughrepparttar 139427 generations. It was rich with chicken stock and very comforting. I pickedrepparttar 139428 Beef and Guinness Pie, which had tender chunks of beef marinated in Guinness - that's what sold me - andrepparttar 139429 pie is slowly cooked with mushrooms and vegetables, topped with puff pastry that is real crusty. You break throughrepparttar 139430 crust torepparttar 139431 tendrils of this steamy, hearty delight, and as Mickey Boyd (pub owner) ssays: "Eat it or drink it, either way you'll like it." The pub has a very substantial sandwich board as well. Tryrepparttar 139432 Smoked Turkey and Irish Rasher Sandwich.

For dessert I tried Aunty Maura's Stickey Toffee Pudding, a classic fromrepparttar 139433 homeland. I don't know Aunty, butrepparttar 139434 warm butter toffee over plum cake with a dash of whipped cream was indescribable and I know I would like Aunty Maura. You can also choose Rich Irish Cream Cheesecake, Banoffee Cream Pie (bananas and toffee), or Fresh Barry Truffles with Whipped Cream.

Wooloughan's is a "Craic" (Gaelic for fun) place at night, with an attentive and dedicated staff. Darby O'Gill andrepparttar 139435 Little People played on as long asrepparttar 139436 jokes lasted, I am sure. And if you knowrepparttar 139437 Irish, their joke list is longer than Wooloughan's menu. The luncheon crowd is a little more subdued, butrepparttar 139438 attendants are helpful with suggestions, - beer or whiskey? - pie or stew? - and they all smile with an Irish glow in their cheeks. I guess they get a tot or two of Harp's throughoutrepparttar 139439 day. Hey, they arerepparttar 139440 Irish! You can even checkrepparttar 139441 Irish news at J.C. Wooloughan's website http://sideoftheroad.com/jcw/.

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By Kriss Hammond Jetsetters Magazine Correspondent. Read Jetsetters Magazine at www.jetsettersmagazine.com

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Dude Ranch Golfing at the Double JJ in Michigan

Written by Jetsetters Magazine

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According torepparttar literature, I was "minutes away, miles fromrepparttar 139389 ordinary" attendingrepparttar 139390 annual Media Golf Round-Up atrepparttar 139391 1,500-acre ranch with its adjoining championship golf course. So I was ready for anything that weekend, including taking part in my first rodeo on Friday. The ranch holds about twenty rodeos a year, and this particular weekend markedrepparttar 139392 first ofrepparttar 139393 2003 season.

During one ofrepparttar 139394 audience participation portions ofrepparttar 139395 rodeo, I was coaxed intorepparttar 139396 rodeo ring, only to find myself chasing baby bulls with ribbons tied to their tails. The object was to snag one of these ribbons, andrepparttar 139397 winning ribbon would win a cute lil' statue commemoratingrepparttar 139398 feat.

All but one ofrepparttar 139399 bulls had been stripped, and I found myself uniquely poised to rip a ribbon offrepparttar 139400 running ribeye.

So, there I was, standing with my left shoulder a few feet away fromrepparttar 139401 fence that enclosesrepparttar 139402 ring. A crowd of people are chasingrepparttar 139403 last piece of beef counterclockwise, and it's running alongrepparttar 139404 fence, towards me. Without thinking, I slam my hip intorepparttar 139405 beast and slide my left hand over its back and gripped its tail, still sliding my hand downward.

A kick and a snort later, my cow dung-encrusted hand holds a ribbon up high over my head.

No, I didn't winrepparttar 139406 prize, but I felt like I had.

The rodeo clowns performed amusing skits, andrepparttar 139407 real cowboys busting broncos and bull riding were amazing to watch. Other audience participation moments included trying to ride wild donkeys and an impressive display of skill from some ofrepparttar 139408 more regular attendees, galloping atop steeds from one end ofrepparttar 139409 ring to secure a rope onrepparttar 139410 other end in a rodeo-style elimination game.

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