JOB SEARCH 101 - A Written Chronicle

Written by Detra Davis

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4. If you likerepparttar company and what they stand for see if they have a mentoring program or if they do community service and ask to become a volunteer. It only takes making one good impression to land your foot inrepparttar 143727 door.

5. Your job search experience will one day be an inspiration to someone or a made for television movie to someone else. Never sell yourself short and thinkrepparttar 143728 whole experience is worthless and boring. I have not yet seen a sitcom centered on Job Search 101.

What happened to allrepparttar 143729 people who interviewed me for jobs? What happens to allrepparttar 143730 applications and resumes? Do they go to that great resume/application cloud inrepparttar 143731 sky or are they shredded into a million tiny pieces never to be seen again. I donít waste a lot of time thinking about it, I just know that a number of folks missed out on working with a really dynamic person and thatís a shame. There are probably others out there who fillrepparttar 143732 same way. Fear not, there is a job or profession out there with your name on it. If you really canít find a good paying job you can always go into business for yourself. Remember, someone made millions selling pet rocks.

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Jobless in July

Written by Detra Davis

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Do you have a friend who makesrepparttar best chocolate truffles in town? A bridal shop might allow you to put your flyer in their shop. Brides are always looking for tasty little gifts for their guest. A job in food is one ofrepparttar 143726 most convenient positions a person can perform. Everyone loves good food and there is bound to be something that you can cook or learn to cook in relatively little time. Do you make a great barbecue sauce? Do you grind your own blend of coffee?

Donít stop looking for a permanent position, keep that resume circulating and visit community associations and organizations. Get out there and volunteer, meet people and introduce yourself to everyone. This isrepparttar 143727 time to become a social butterfly. Everyone needs to develop streams of income. Relying on one job for your livelihood today is unrealistic. Look at your joblessness as an opportunity to use your community as your source of income. Start a small business. Think about starting a small business. Find a job but donít let justrepparttar 143728 job be your salvation. Today that is a dangerous way to live.

Detra D. Davis is a writer and Consultant with over 20 years of experience. She is the author of two e-books, Job Search 101 and Catering From My Kitchen. Detra may be reached at or by mail at J. Davis & Associates Publishing, P. O. Box 4935, Cary, North Carolina 27519-4935

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