IvorylikeSholapith Sculptures from India

Written by Som Chaudhury

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Needless to say,repparttar items are appealing, they are completely natural andrepparttar 100183 beautiful craftsmanship brings a pure white ethnic aura at your home.

Where to find these fine Pith Sculptures

Ethnocraft: http://www.ethnocraft.com has some of these fine Sholapith items you could easily order overrepparttar 100184 web.

Dollsof India: dollsofindia.com is another site where you find deities and idols made of Sholapith.

More Resources on Sholapith http://www.india-crafts.com/indian_states_crafts/westbengal.html: A variety of home decoration crafts from India are pictured here including Sholapith.

Handicrafts Expo: http://www.westbengal.com/arts/handcraf/expo/pg2.html

Bengal Handicrafts: http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/Village/3924

Som Chaudhury is a freelance writer on Ethnic Home Decor. He travels all around the world and gets the finest of Ethnic Home Decor.

Courtesy: http://www.ethnocraft.com/

Irrigation Installation & Maintenance Time Savers

Written by Jack Stone

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Well, worry no more! AMS Plastics has developed a clever product called "Pre-Set One-Piece Manifold Tee". This product is a pre-built valve manifold available in 3/4" and 1" sizes with two or three outlet ports. Each ofrepparttar outlet ports are properly aligned alongrepparttar 100182 length ofrepparttar 100183 pipe and atrepparttar 100184 proper spacing. The one piece construction eliminatesrepparttar 100185 worry of leaky fittings. It also comes with a "key and groove" feature that insures proper alignment when you use two or more units in series. This is a product that can save lots of time.

Another broken pipe complaint involves pipe installed above ground, especially on slopes. Standard white PVC does not survive well inrepparttar 100186 real world of sunlight. That's why Brownline Pipe Company developed a product they call "Brownline UVR PVC". Brownline is PVC pipe that is resistant torepparttar 100187 ravages of sunlight, particularly ultraviolet radiation. Ultraviolet radiation is what destroys regular white PVC. It's what causes regular white PVC to become brittle and to fall apart. Since Brownline is PVC it's much easier to install than galvanized and much more versatile. It's also not subject torepparttar 100188 myriad problems that affect galvanized such as corrosion from chemicals such as fertilizer and herbicides.

Brownline (named for its tan or light brown coloration) is Sch 40 and available in 1/2" to 2" sizes. A complete range of fittings is also available. To complimentrepparttar 100189 system they have also developed a Non-Drain Valve to eliminate low head drainage and a nipple and pipe stabilizer made of a heavy duty square steel stake with adjustable extensions.

NDS, (National Diversified Sales) has a unique product called "Spee-D-Drip Edge". This product solves two problems. Made of extruded black polyethylene it can serve as border edge and a drip line. The top edge is a hollow tube, extra thick onrepparttar 100190 lawn side to withstandrepparttar 100191 punishment of line trimmers. Clever!

NIS (National Irrigation Specialists) have come up with a few clever products themselves. The first one is an irrigation system analyzer called "Checkmate II". This product was developed to save you lots of time and trouble in locating and determining electrical system failures in valves, solenoids, andrepparttar 100192 wiring. It is basically an electronic trouble shooter. It can perform several very important tests quickly and simply.

Sincerepparttar 100193 Checkmate II has a sufficient internal power supply, it can activate a properly working solenoid. By connectingrepparttar 100194 test leads torepparttar 100195 solenoid you can determine ifrepparttar 100196 solenoid is or is not working, if it's mechanically malfunctioning, ifrepparttar 100197 coil is burned out, or if it's drawing too much power. You can also perform these tests atrepparttar 100198 controller. You can testrepparttar 100199 wires fromrepparttar 100200 valve torepparttar 100201 controller. By connectingrepparttar 100202 Checkmate II atrepparttar 100203 valve and activatingrepparttar 100204 valve station atrepparttar 100205 controller you can find out ifrepparttar 100206 valve is receiving current fromrepparttar 100207 controller. You can also testrepparttar 100208 individual station atrepparttar 100209 controller to determine ifrepparttar 100210 controller is activatingrepparttar 100211 station in question. There are no switches or dials to adjust onrepparttar 100212 Checkmate II. All you have to do is connectrepparttar 100213 test leads torepparttar 100214 appropriate connections atrepparttar 100215 valve, solenoid, or controller and letrepparttar 100216 unit do its thing.

Another clever device made by NIS isrepparttar 100217 "Switch-Hitter". This unit is an auxiliary controller. It allows you to turn a valve station into a multiple valve station without having to run more wires fromrepparttar 100218 controller torepparttar 100219 valve box. Available in either two or four station models it allows you to upgrade a system simply and efficiently as well as bypass broken wires, thus avoidingrepparttar 100220 problem of replacing hundreds of feet of wire running under sidewalks or other obstacles.

A good example would be a typical irrigation situation. You have all encounteredrepparttar 100221 problem of of an irrigated zone encompassing several lawn areas with varying water requirements. One half ofrepparttar 100222 lawn needs ten minutes of water andrepparttar 100223 other half needs five minutes. The result is either a swampy area that makes mowing or maintenance difficult or a desert area which is unsightly. The Switch-Hitter allows you to install another valve to be run offrepparttar 100224 same station controller. One valve would be forrepparttar 100225 high water requirement area andrepparttar 100226 other forrepparttar 100227 low water need area. The Switch-Hitter is installed in-line betweenrepparttar 100228 valve andrepparttar 100229 controller. The controller is set to water for fifteen minutes. Switch-Hitter station A is set for five minutes and station B is set for ten minutes. And there you have it! Each lawn area receivesrepparttar 100230 proper amount of water. Your garden and landscaping will appreciate it.

NIS also makes a universal solenoid called "Super Max". This product allows you to replace nearly any solenoid. It comes with a threaded adapter, different length plungers, and different dimension "O" rings.

So, there you have it. This is by no means a complete review ofrepparttar 100231 many time, money, and labor saving devices available for irrigation specialists and others inrepparttar 100232 Green Industry, but it should give you a pretty good idea ofrepparttar 100233 kinds of things you can do to run a more efficient operation. __________________________________________

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Jack Stone is a Contributing Editor for ProGardenBiz Magazine, an online magazine for professional gardeners and landscape contractors. Visit ProGardenBiz to find out how you can get a free subscription, start-up guidance, business ideas and inspiration at http://www.progardenbiz.com.

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