It pays to ask, listen, and then act.

Written by Brian Holte

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Brian. The best part...they tell me what they want, they give me their permission to send them “periodic” emails when I have completed their “info product of choice”. (I inform them their not placed on a weekly or monthly ezine for that matter) I start creating a info product they “expressed interest in receiving” then I work onrepparttar backend, then I email themrepparttar 127214 information. Because I tookrepparttar 127215 initiative to “ask them” what they wanted, than tookrepparttar 127216 time and createdrepparttar 127217 info product of their “interest/need”, my sales conversion rates will do what? That’s right...increase. Than I follow up with more info products related to their “topic of interest” and even includerepparttar 127218 occasional freebie to thank them. Out of all thisrepparttar 127219 best part isrepparttar 127220 initial request, I offer no bonuses, no incentives, for them filling outrepparttar 127221 form, I just takerepparttar 127222 time to listen, create, fill their need, and inrepparttar 127223 end have a very satisfied customer for years to come. Are you asking and listening?

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Written by Michael Lau

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