It Is Possible to Have Style AND a Savings Account

Written by Melissa Tosetti

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Jessica clearly had her own sense of style. With a little creativity and a small investment of time, she was able to act on it. I’m not saying you have to forego shopping at your favorite stores to be able to afford a house – unless you live in Northern California. What I am saying is - instead of desperately searching forrepparttar exact blouse Jennifer Aniston wore to her latest movie premier and paying bank for it offrepparttar 147854 rack - be a little daring and create your own style based on what you can afford.

Defining your own style takes time and it evolves. Read fashion magazines, watch movies and see what you like. But instead of mimicking what you see, adapt it. Learn to trust your instinct. Learn what looks good on your body structure. Every time you see a young woman wearing low rise jeans that obviously shouldn’t be, take it as a reminder that not every fashion trend is for everyone.

Life isn’t about conforming – it’s about creating.

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Long Distance Relationships – Not Always a Bad Thing

Written by Eden Tuin

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Some other fun things you can do to improve your relationship while your lover is away include:

-Leaving romantic messages on their voice mail or in their email.

-Sending gifts and flowers to their work or hotel where they are staying.

-Talking about when you first met,repparttar first time you knew you were in love, or other significant moments in your relationship.

-Start a project that you'll know they'll love (such as remodeling their favorite room into something that suits them perfectly) and surprise them with it when they get home.

-Plan for what you will do when your lover gets home. This can be taking them out on a date, a romantic evening at home, or anything else that gets you thinking to when they will be back in your arms.

Sure, long distance relationships can be a hardship at times, but look at it as just another one of life's challenges. It can test a relationship, but it can also let your commitment and dedication to your lover shine through, and makerepparttar 147623 relationship that much stronger.

Eden Tuin is editor of Whether you need something different in bed,

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